Forgotten Girls

  • Episode 1

    When a young woman vanishes, Captain Christian Janvier thinks it could be the work of the same man responsible for the earlier disappearance of six 'forgotten girls' - but this time he has left a clue

  • Episode 2

    Sylvie's body has been found in Guerrand's back garden and, under interrogation, he admits to the murders of the other six girls, but when the police search the alleged burial place, they find nothing

  • Episode 3

    Blinded by his determination to catch the murderer, Janvier targets the wrong suspect and then, at the crime reconstruction, loses control and tries to force Guerrand to reveal the real killer's name

  • Episode 4

    Janvier's superiors are furious and insist he takes some holiday, but he seeks help from loyal ally Ducourt. They find a clue from over 23 years earlier: information about a missing girl named Emilie.

  • Episode 5

    As Janvier immerses himself in the documents about the murdered girls, he has a moment of inspiration when he realises they are all connected by their love of music. Another disappearance is reported.

  • Episode 6

    Janvier's flash of inspiration leads him to the local music school run by Madame Juisnard. But as he races to get to the truth, he's unaware that he has walked into a potentially deadly trap...