She's the queen of tea and household maintenance - and the Fathers never go without when Mrs Doyle is about. Some might say her position is akin to modern day slavery, but she would disagree. Probably over a cup of tea.

One of Mrs Doyle's talents is that she's an incredibly quick learner, and managed to pick up the intricacies of football supporting in a single day. She also manages to cope without sleep, waiting in the dark for the Fathers just in case they need tea at any point in the night.

And she's practical. There's nothing she enjoys more than washing Bishop Brennan’s windscreen wipers. She will even fill his car up with diesel when the need arises.

Mrs Doyle has a husband whom we never hear about, bar one slight slip of the tongue: 'This reminds me of the time my husband... I've said too much.'

Yes, there's more to Mrs Doyle than meets the eye. Ted discovers she's still a woman with woman's needs when she asks him if Pat Mustard can store his large tool in her box...