It's hard to fathom how Dougal ended up in the priesthood. He seems to have no concept of faith and absolutely no idea how religion works. This becomes rapidly obvious when he opens his gob:

'Well, you know the way God made us all, right? And he's looking down at us from heaven and everything? And then his son came down and saved everyone and all that? And when we die we're all going to go to heaven? Well, that's the bit I have trouble with.'

There is much in life that eludes Dougal: simple concepts baffle him; and he's physically incapable of talking to women (except Mrs Doyle - but does she count?). Luckily, Ted is always on hand to explain the subtleties of these mind-bending notions.

Dougal was relegated to the island after an unfortunate incident on a SeaLink ferry that put the lives of hundreds of nuns in danger. (It was probably similar to the unfortunate incident on the plane with the button that said 'Do Not Press'.)

There's nothing Dougal likes more than watching sci-fi while wearing his rollerblades. He's a simple man who likes simple pleasures. A very simple man, in fact.