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Series 2 Episode 6

One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three priests. One housekeeper. A bunch of nuns - and the most consistently awful weather on the planet. Step once again into the world of Father Ted!

Father Dougal is very excited about his new pet rabbit, Sampras. Meanwhile, rabbit-phobic Bishop Brennan is due to arrive to investigate a case of suspected nude sleepwalking by Father Jack.

In this second series, Ted's patience is fully tested by a succession of undignified incidents involving irate protest singers, hairy hands, stolen whistles and nude sleepwalkers

Hell: Ted, Dougal and Jack head off on their summer holidays to Father O'Rourke's caravan

First shown: Fri 8 Mar 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 1

Think Fast, Father Ted: Bishop Brennan donates a car for a raffle prize, but as if that'll work out!

First shown: Fri 15 Mar 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 2

Tentacles of Doom: The island's popular religious knick-knack is about to be upgraded

First shown: Sat 2 Mar 1996 | 25 mins

Series 2 Episode 3

Old Grey Whistle Theft: The picnic area supervisor's whistle is stolen just after a rebellious priest arrives

First shown: Fri 29 Mar 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 4

A Song for Europe: Ted and Dougal decide to enter the 1996 Eurosong Contest

First shown: Fri 5 Apr 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 5

The Plague: Rabbit-phobic Bishop Brennan visits just after Dougal gets a new pet rabbit, Sampras

First shown: Fri 12 Apr 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 6

Rock-a-Hula Ted: An aggressive protest singer visits just as Ted is to judge the Lovely Girls competition

First shown: Fri 19 Apr 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 7

Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading: What should Ted sacrifice for Lent?

First shown: Fri 26 Apr 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 8

New Jack City: Jack is taken to the Old Priests Home, and his replacement is even more of a nightmare

First shown: Fri 3 May 1996 | 23 mins

Series 2 Episode 9

Flight into Terror: The priests are in mortal danger when Dougal does something really stupid on a plane

First shown: Fri 10 May 1996 | 24 mins

Series 2 Episode 10