In 2010, we asked for your votes for the best Ted ever from a shortlist of episodes picked by writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews. They explain their choices below.

Entertaining Father Stone - Series 1 Episode 2

Father Stone is the dullest priest on the planet who seems incapable of more than one word sentences. When he turns up on Craggy Island to visit Ted for his annual holiday Ted, Dougal, Jack and even Mrs Doyle do whatever they can to avoid being with him. Ted prays for Father Stone to leave by any means but after the very dull cleric Father Stone is struck by lightning during a game of crazy golf Ted is racked with guilt. This is made only worse when Father Stone's parents turn up and tell Ted how much their son loved and admired him.

'Possibly my favourite episode. Based on a true story - friends of mine suffered a colleague's visit every year. They couldn't get rid of him, or succeed in dissuading him from coming. Not as frantic as some episodes, which I like. Very simple plot - with a nice twist of Father Stone being struck by lightning on a crazy golf course.' - Arthur

Competition Time - Series 1 Episode 4

It's the annual All Priests Stars in Their Eyes Lookalike Competition and Ted is up against his arch nemesis, Father Dick Byrne from Rugged Island. TV celebrity Henry Sellers arrives from the mainland to judge the competition but a little of Mrs Doyle's persistent hospitality sees the recovering alcoholic off into the woods on a sherry bender. Sellers is caught, returned to the Parochial House but recovers in time to judge the competition. Despite Dick Byrne and his two side kicks making a decent fist of The Three Degrees, Ted, Dougal and Jack win with their entry, The Three Ages of Elvis.

'I'm always fond of the rivalry with the lads on Rugged Island. Ted, Dougal and Jack representing Elvis at three iconic periods in his career seemed to fit snugly. Jack going feral and taking to the woods is something I'm also very fond of. Niall Buggy is a fine Henry Sellers.' - Arthur

Ted, Dougal and Jack take their annual holiday at Kilkelly Caravan Park but after a double booking have to share with Father Noel Furlong, played by Graham Norton, and a handful of his youth group. Ted and Dougal spend their time trying to avoid the annoying Father Noel but Ted keeps getting into trouble when in a series of unfortunate accidents he inadvertently spies on a romancing couple when they're naked, making love and even on the toilet. The episode ends up when the island idiot, Tom, covers Ted and Dougal in manure and Father Jack ends up on a yacht with a bevy of beauties.

'Revisiting many a caravan holiday of my youth. Very happy with almost everything about this episode, but the element of the nearby couple with whom Ted keeps having 'moments' is a particular favourite.' - Graham

Old Grey Whistle Theft - Series 2 Episode 4

A disruptive influence turns up on Craggy island in the form Father 'Damo' Lennon and Dougal is led astray. When a valuable whistle is stolen from groundskeeper Benson's cabin the whole island goes into a panic. The theft is front page news on Craggy Island and many fear it will lead to whores on crack and drive-by shootings. A priest was seen at the scene of the crime and the investigation leads to Dougal's door.

'An episode we thought didn't work when we made it, and if you pick it apart, it really shouldn't work. But it's carried by the relationship between Father Dougal and Father Damo, which is lovely, we think.' - Graham

A Song for Europe - Series 2 Episode 5

Ted is goaded by rival Father Dick Byrne into entering for Eurosong '96. Ted and Dougal have to write an original song but can only manage a one note dirge. Ted decides to copy an obscure B-side and pass it off as his own. When he realises this song is very well-known he has to revert back to his and Dougal's original one-note assault on the pop song. But as the competition is rigged for the worst song to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Ted and Dougal still manage to win!

'What can you say? At the time, Ireland seemed to be winning the Eurovision every year, and as winners they have to host the following year, which was costing millions. There was an urban myth that the organisers would have to arrange for a weaker entry to guarantee we wouldn't win. Neil Hannon's music for My Lovely Horse and the resulting Ted and Dougal music video - which is based on an actual video by a group called The Swarbrigg Brothers - is obviously great but I'm especially proud of the scene where they're writing the lyrics.' - Graham

Are you Right There, Father Ted - Series 3 Episode 1

Ted's unfortunate impression of a Chinaman is seen by Craggy Island's newly arrived Chinese family and he is branded a racist. Nazi-saluting in front of a spot of dirt on the front window doesn't help his case.Ted sets out to convince the island he isn't a right-wing sympathizer, but after being left some Second World War memorabilia by another priest this doesn't help his case.

'At the time of writing immigration was rising in Ireland and there was a lot of tension as a result - ironic in a country that has been re-populating the globe for centuries! We weren't making any kind of serious comment on the situation. It was just a good way of putting Ted into full-on damage limitation mode. Ted doing his Hitler impression and the unexpected Chinese family are two of our favourite 'window related' jokes.' - Graham

Speed 3 - Series 3 Episode 3

When Ted and Dougal expose the local milkman Pat Mustard, as a philandering gigolo, he loses his job and Dougal takes over his milk round. Based loosely on the plot of Speed, Pat takes his revenge by putting a bomb on milk float. If Dougal drops below 4mph the bomb will explode, taking Dougal and the islands supply of milk with it. A team of priests are called in to save Dougal but can only come up with saying Mass on the back of a truck along side the speeding milk float. In the end its Ted's quick thinking which saves the day...and the milk.

'One of the silliest episodes. Everybody related to the joke about UHT milk being horrible. Great action sequences! Watch out for those boxes! The actual roundabout is still used for St Patrick's Day parades.' - Arthur

Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse - Series 3 Episode 6

The second episode in a two-parter sees Ted in a pickle. After losing the All Priests Over-75's Five-a-Side Football Championship to Dick Byrne's side, his forfeit is to kick the angriest Bishop in Christendom up the backside. Being a priest of his word Ted gives the Bishop a big belt up the backside but desperate to avoid being excommunicated from his own genitals listens to a devilishly cunning plan from Dougal. Just pretend it didn't happen.

'Hah! He certainly does get a good toefull! Based slightly on an incident from Seinfeld and an incident from the life of Magritte. Ted gets a nice kick at the end too when Bishop Brennan wreaks his revenge. Features some great lying from Ted.' - Arthur