Bicycle Courier to Polo player

Malcolm 'Woody' Woodcock, a bicycle courier from Manchester, has just four weeks in which to pass himself off as a polo player

Lisa leaves her job in a local shop to convince a posh society guests she's a blue-blood

First shown: Tue 26 Sep 2000 | 50 mins

Shop Girl to It Girl

Can straight-laced cellist Sian Evans transform into a hedonistic DJ club chick?

First shown: Tue 17 Apr 2001 | 49 mins

Cellist to DJ

Country vicar Nigel Done swaps his clerical garb to become a second-hand car salesman

First shown: Tue 24 Apr 2001 | 49 mins

Vicar to Car Dealer

How will painter and decorator Paul make it as a conceptual artist in London?

First shown: Tue 1 May 2001 | 48 mins

Painter and Decorator to Conceptual Artist

Ed is a burger vendor by trade, but he's about to be transformed into a top chef

First shown: Tue 6 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Burgerman to Chef

Softly-spoken country boy Gavin swaps rural bliss for the hectic streets of London

First shown: Tue 13 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Sheep Shearer to Hairdresser

Kasper Cornish is a mild-mannered, talented ballet dancer from London

First shown: Tue 20 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Ballet Dancer to Wrestler

Shelley, a nightclub dancer from south London, has never sat on a horse

First shown: Tue 27 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Showgirl to Showjumper

Revisiting the Faking It participants. What impact has the series has had on their lives?

First shown: Thu 26 Sep 2002 | 49 mins

Faking It Changed My Life

Lynn Hurst, a telephone operator, has four weeks to become a convincing TV studio director

First shown: Wed 9 Oct 2002 | 77 mins

Emergency Control Opertor to TV Studio Director

Self-confessed 'suit' George is on a mission of re-invention as a top Garage MC

First shown: Wed 16 Oct 2002 | 76 mins

Lawyer to Garage MC

Jo Weatherill a 26 year-old black belt kick boxer tries to fake it as a Ballroom Dancer

First shown: Wed 23 Oct 2002 | 49 mins

Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer

Matt Davies, a 31-year-old insurance man, attempts to become a stuntman

First shown: Wed 30 Oct 2002 | 49 mins

Insurance Salesman to Stuntman

27 year-old web designer Stuart leaves behind his desk-bound life to become a surfer

First shown: Wed 6 Nov 2002 | 49 mins

Web Designer to Surfer

David Keith swaps his life as a radiographer and tries to fake it as a photographer

First shown: Wed 13 Nov 2002 | 49 mins

Radiographer to Fashion Photographer

Computer games tester has just a month to swap his virtual racing world for the real one

First shown: Wed 4 Dec 2002 | 49 mins

Games Tester to Racing Driver

Lucy Craig, ferry stewardess, tries to fake it as a yachtswoman

First shown: Wed 11 Dec 2002 | 49 mins

Ferry Stewardess to Yachtswoman

Chris Sweeney, lead singer of a punk band, tries to fake it as an orchestral conductor

First shown: Mon 30 Dec 2002 | 64 mins

Punk Rocker to Orchestra Conductor

A bicycle courier from Manchester has four weeks to pass himself off as a polo player

First shown: Tue 3 Feb 2004 | 50 mins

Bicycle Courier to Polo player

A look back at the 2002 series and the remarkable developments in some participants' lives

First shown: Tue 3 Feb 2004 | 49 mins

Faking It Changed My Life