Faking It Changed My Life

What impact did the identity-transformation series have on the participants' lives? From their personalities to their image, and their confidence to their careers, did Faking It change them for ever?

Lisa leaves her job in a local shop to convince a posh society guests she's a blue-blood

First shown: Tue 26 Sep 2000 | 50 mins

Shop Girl to It Girl

Can straight-laced cellist Sian Evans transform into a hedonistic DJ club chick?

First shown: Tue 17 Apr 2001 | 49 mins

Cellist to DJ

Country vicar Nigel Done swaps his clerical garb to become a second-hand car salesman

First shown: Tue 24 Apr 2001 | 49 mins

Vicar to Car Dealer

How will painter and decorator Paul make it as a conceptual artist in London?

First shown: Tue 1 May 2001 | 48 mins

Painter and Decorator to Conceptual Artist

Ed is a burger vendor by trade, but he's about to be transformed into a top chef

First shown: Tue 6 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Burgerman to Chef

Softly-spoken country boy Gavin swaps rural bliss for the hectic streets of London

First shown: Tue 13 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Sheep Shearer to Hairdresser

Kasper Cornish is a mild-mannered, talented ballet dancer from London

First shown: Tue 20 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Ballet Dancer to Wrestler

Shelley, a nightclub dancer from south London, has never sat on a horse

First shown: Tue 27 Nov 2001 | 49 mins

Showgirl to Showjumper

Revisiting the Faking It participants. What impact has the series has had on their lives?

First shown: Thu 26 Sep 2002 | 49 mins

Faking It Changed My Life

Lynn Hurst, a telephone operator, has four weeks to become a convincing TV studio director

First shown: Wed 9 Oct 2002 | 77 mins

Emergency Control Opertor to TV Studio Director

Self-confessed 'suit' George is on a mission of re-invention as a top Garage MC

First shown: Wed 16 Oct 2002 | 76 mins

Lawyer to Garage MC

Jo Weatherill a 26 year-old black belt kick boxer tries to fake it as a Ballroom Dancer

First shown: Wed 23 Oct 2002 | 49 mins

Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer

Matt Davies, a 31-year-old insurance man, attempts to become a stuntman

First shown: Wed 30 Oct 2002 | 49 mins

Insurance Salesman to Stuntman

27 year-old web designer Stuart leaves behind his desk-bound life to become a surfer

First shown: Wed 6 Nov 2002 | 49 mins

Web Designer to Surfer

David Keith swaps his life as a radiographer and tries to fake it as a photographer

First shown: Wed 13 Nov 2002 | 49 mins

Radiographer to Fashion Photographer

Computer games tester has just a month to swap his virtual racing world for the real one

First shown: Wed 4 Dec 2002 | 49 mins

Games Tester to Racing Driver

Lucy Craig, ferry stewardess, tries to fake it as a yachtswoman

First shown: Wed 11 Dec 2002 | 49 mins

Ferry Stewardess to Yachtswoman

Chris Sweeney, lead singer of a punk band, tries to fake it as an orchestral conductor

First shown: Mon 30 Dec 2002 | 64 mins

Punk Rocker to Orchestra Conductor

A bicycle courier from Manchester has four weeks to pass himself off as a polo player

First shown: Tue 3 Feb 2004 | 50 mins

Bicycle Courier to Polo player

A look back at the 2002 series and the remarkable developments in some participants' lives

First shown: Tue 3 Feb 2004 | 49 mins

Faking It Changed My Life