Embarrassing Bodies

    • Series 8 Episode 1

      Dr Dawn meets a man whose testicles are in a twist. A young dad visits Dr Christian with a big hole in his face. Dr Pixie sees a woman who's hoping for help with childhood burns.

    • Series 8 Episode 2

      Christian helps 37-year-old Adam, who's been suffering with a rare penis problem for ten years and is in danger of losing both the ability to urinate and have sex

    • Series 8 Episode 3

      Christian meets a man with the sorest penis he has ever seen, a woman born without a vagina, and a builder whose mystery allergy has left his skin weeping all over

    • Series 8 Episode 4

      Dr Pixie meets a man with a posterior problem that began with a tiny hair and ended up as a gaping hole. And Dr Christian helps Dawn, a a transitioning male to female transsexual.

    • Series 8 Episode 5

      Dr Pixie meets a man with hot testicles and gets to the bottom of cutting edge surgery techniques involving the anus. Dr Dawn uses high tech testing to investigate buying 'legal highs' online.

    • Series 8 Episode 6

      Dr Christian helps a man with a sore penis and meets a woman with a bottom cyst. The show helps Sharon, whose large breasts hinder every basic aspect of her life from eating to washing to walking.

    • Series 8 Episode 7

      The doctors are in Magaluf to see what a week of boozing has done to the boys' sperm and capacity for erections. Dr Dawn meets a family who carry the BRCA 1 breast cancer gene.