Embarrassing Bodies

    • Episode 1 - Magaluf

      The doctors return for a new series taking the clinic on the road, giving aid to awkward ailments everywhere. This time they're in the holiday hot spot Magaluf helping with hangovers.

    • Episode 2 - Magaluf II

      Doctors Christian, Dawn and Pixie help with the 132% rise in hospital cases in Magaluf that have resulted from 24-7 partying, petting and drinking

    • Episode 3 - Caerphilly

      In Caerphilly, Wales, Dr Christian meets a woman whose baby bottom burns are still bothering her as an adult, and a lady whose weight loss has left her nipples near her nether regions

    • Episode 4 - Bristol

      The doctors bring their portable clinic to Bristol, where the bothersome conditions include rashes, mouth ulcers, excessive sweating, a painful post-pregnancy problem, and excessive body hair

    • Episode 5 - Luton

      The doctors visit Luton and meet a woman with huge bruises. Dr Dawn treats a lady with a fishy smell. And Dr Christian warns of the dangers of inserting foreign objects in intimate places.

    • Episode 6 - Weymouth

      The portable clinic visits Weymouth, where Dr Dawn meets a man with blood-blisters on his testicles, advises on pubic abscesses and warns of the dangers of dodgy tattoos

    • Episode 7 - Liverpool

      Dr Christian tackles some difficulties with bottoms at Liverpool's Brazillica festival and Dr Dawn offers advice to a man with troublesome testicles

    • Episode 8 - Norfolk

      Having set up camp at the Sundown festival in Norfolk, Dr Pixie meets a lad badly bitten by the festival bug, a man with piles and a lady with chronic discharge down below

    • Episode 9 - Back to the Clinic

      In this one-off special, patients returning to meet Dr Christian and Dr Dawn include a man who had a problem with swollen testicles and a woman with a cyst in a very embarrassing area

    • Episode 10 - Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic

      Some of the show's most inspirational cases return to the clinic having battled cancer and the scars it has left them with

    • Episode 11 - Stand Up to Cancer

      The doctors stand up to cancer meeting father-of-two Danny, who's been diagnosed with bladder cancer, and Natalie, 22, as she undergoes radiotherapy for cervical cancer