Embarrassing Bodies

    • Series 2 Episode 1

      Drs Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna are back with the roving health show. This first episode focuses on women's pelvic floors.

    • Series 2 Episode 2

      In this episode the team tackles embarrassing childhood complaints, including a dramatic case of veruccas, and checks for nits and rotten teeth. Plus, a mother left with post-natal problems.

    • Series 2 Episode 3

      In the clinic there's a young woman whose large breasts are causing big problems for her spine and dentist Dr Russell has a patient who has literally been grinding his teeth away.

    • Series 2 Episode 4

      Among the patients is a woman in her 30s whose life and skin have been ruined by acne: can her face and fortunes be restored by the latest technology?

    • Series 2 Episode 5

      This episode tackles a range of summer holiday ailments, as the team sets up a temporary clinic at Birmingham International Airport.

    • Series 2 Episode 6

      The medical team hope to educate men about common embarrassing problems they hate to discuss, including erectile dysfunction and gynaecomastia - 'man boobs'.

    • Series 2 Episode 7

      The medical team help a variety of people including a newlywed who doesn't enjoy sex, a man with an armpit which is literally rotting away and a rock musician with rocky teeth.

    • Series 2 Episode 8

      Dr Christian finds a solution for a patient who's desperate for help treating the severely cracked skin on her hands and feet. He also meets a woman who suffers from webbed breasts.

    • Series 2 Episode 9

      The team invite a variety of previous patients back in for a final check-up - including teenage mum Maria, whose morbid obesity was threatening her life.

    • Series 2 Episode 10

      The medics invite a variety of patients including a chronic acne case and a lady with a painful skin condition back to the clinic for one final check up.

    • Series 2 Episode 11

      The doctors' invite some of the original patients back for a final check up to see if their embarrassing conditions have been banished for good and their lives have improved.

    • Episode 12 - Embarrassing Old Bodies

      The Embarrassing Bodies team turn their expert attentions to conditions that affect us as we age, from cancer scares and incontinence to bunions and loss of hearing