Embarrassing Bodies
The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

Three new GPs - Dr Jane, Dr Tosin and Dr Anand - throw open the clinic doors to welcome patients who reveal their medical problems

Skin Cancer, Leg Pain, Skin Condition: The doctors help patients with skin cancer, leg pain and a severe skin condition

First shown: Thu 7 Jul 2022 | 46 mins

Skin Condition, Sore Intimacy, Multiple Lumps: The doctors help a man with a skin condition and a woman who finds intimacy impossible

First shown: Thu 30 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Skin Condition, Protruding Problem and Feeling Demoralised: The doctors treat a woman with a severe skin condition and a man with a protruding problem

First shown: Thu 23 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Misshapen Breast Implants, Excess Sweating, Teeth Infections: The doctors treat patients with misshapen implants, excess sweating and teeth infections

First shown: Thu 16 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Chest Impairment, Skin Condition and Painful Wind: The doctors treat patients with a chest impairment, skin condition and painful wind

First shown: Thu 9 Jun 2022 | 47 mins

Dentist Phobia, Troublesome Tonsils and a Nipple Problem: Dr Anand treats a woman whose nipple fell off. Dr Tosin helps a man with a dentist phobia.

First shown: Thu 2 Jun 2022 | 46 mins

Severe Skin Condition, Hair Loss and a Delicate Problem: The doctors help a woman with a severe skin condition and a man with a delicate problem...

First shown: Thu 26 May 2022 | 47 mins

Leaking Ears, Excess Skin and a Painful Vagina: Can the doctors help a man with leaky ears and a woman with excess skin?

First shown: Thu 19 May 2022 | 46 mins