• Series 3 Music

    Still drifting, STILL pumping out the choons from the show for your ears

  • Series 2 Music

    The Drifters girls are back! To celebrate, we've put all the awesome tracks from the show here for your EARS

  • Are You a Drifter?

    So, you think you're a drifter? Find out if you really are right here

  • How To Be a Drifter

    Jessica Knappett, who wrote and stars as Meg in Drifters gives her top tips on how to coast through life as a drifter

  • Jessica Knappet Q&A

    We caught up with writer and star of Drifters, Jessica Knappet. Here she reveals more about the show and explains how she ended up running the production’s bar on The Inbetweeners Movie.

  • Meg's CV

    Megan Keswick, available for hire

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  • Laura's CV

    Looking for a new starter? Laura Wiley is available now