Mark is a veterinary surgeon and former chief veterinary advisor of the RSPCA. He has a special interest in the welfare of dogs and is well-known for his campaign work to end irresponsible dog breeding.

Mark qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1987 and, in practice, worked mainly with horses, dogs and cats. In 2007, he joined the RSPCA to set up a new science department focusing on the welfare of pets, working animals and animal athletes. For three years, he was the Society's Chief Veterinary Advisor. Mark has written 12 books on animal care.

Mark’s down-to-earth style, inquisitive nature, broad interest in science and obsession with how things works will be familiar to fans of the hundreds of TV shows he has worked on.

Mark has presentented a raft of series', one-off documentary films and live events for Channel 4 including the BAFTA-winning 'Inside Nature's Giants', 'Foxes Live', 'Easter Eggs Live', 'Hippo: Nature's Wild Feast' and 'How to Win The Grand National'.