Does It Matter? World War I Shorts


  • Tony Heaton OBE

    Tony is a practising sculptor and CEO of Shape Arts.

  • Simon Mckeown

    An artist with a defined interest in the cultural presentation of disability and issues connected with societal views of normality.

  • Katherine Araniello

    A London-based performance and video artist, Katherine uses subversive humour to expose hypocrisy in response to contemporary themes.

  • Jez Colborne

    A uniquely talented learning-disabled composer and musician, Jez has acutely sensitive hearing and perfect pitch.

  • Claire Cunningham

    A self-identifying disabled artist Cunningham's work is often rooted in the study and use/misuse of her crutches.

  • Transcripts

    Two of our short films, ep 4 and ep 5, are accompanied by transcripts.

  • Background

    Taking inspiration from Siegfried Sassoon’s 1917 poem Does It Matter? these films offer unexpected takes on the legacies of war and disability in Britain today