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Episode 1

A Dispatches investigation into the epidemic use of the drug GHB in the gay community, where users are vulnerable to overdosing and sexual abuse

Next on TV: Mon 2 Nov, 8pm

An investigation into promises of 'enhanced hygiene practices' on trains and in pubs

Mon 26 Oct, 8pm | 26 mins

How Safe Is Going Out?

Cate Brown investigates allegations of sexism and harassment at the annual Davos summit

First shown: Mon 23 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Sex, Money & Power: The Dirty Secrets of Davos

Rail commuters face rising fares, delays and overcrowding. How do we fix our trains?

First shown: Mon 16 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Britain's Train Hell

A special investigation reveals celebrities charging huge fees to support charities

First shown: Mon 9 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Celebs for Sale: The Great Charity Scandal

In Guatemala young kids work long hours picking coffee beans for Starbucks and Nespresso

First shown: Mon 2 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your Coffee

Dispatches meets some of the four million children growing up in poverty in the UK

First shown: Mon 2 Dec 2019 | 47 mins

Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids

Dispatches reporter Sophie Morgan investigates Amazon's unstoppable growth

First shown: Mon 11 Nov 2019 | 26 mins

The Secrets of Amazon

An investigation into the influence and power of Dominic Cummings and Seumas Milne

First shown: Mon 4 Nov 2019 | 26 mins

Puppet Masters: The Men Who Really Run Britain

How a trade deal with America might leave the NHS footing a bill for billions

First shown: Mon 28 Oct 2019 | 26 mins

Trump's Plan for the NHS

A Dispatches investigation into the epidemic use of the drug GHB in the gay community

First shown: Sun 8 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

Sex, Drugs and Murder

Reporter Sanah Ahsan explores Britain's youth depression crisis

First shown: Mon 29 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Young, British and Depressed

Reporter Antony Barnett investigates the 'golden visa' scheme for British residency

First shown: Mon 15 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

£2 Million Passport - Welcome to Britain

Dispatches investigates Britain's second biggest, and most profitable, builder, Persimmon

First shown: Mon 15 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's New Build Scandal

With a new PM about to be announced, who really controls the Conservative Party?

First shown: Mon 8 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Battle for the Tory Party

Dispatches investigates what's behind rising numbers of assaults on police officers

First shown: Mon 1 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Officer Down - Police Under Attack

Are breast implants making women sick or even causing cancer? Dispatches investigates.

First shown: Mon 24 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Breast Implant Scandal

Dispatches reveals how thousands of unsafe medicines were dispensed to NHS patients

First shown: Mon 17 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

How Safe Are Your Medicines?

Dispatches discovers that unidentified toxins come off every vehicle, even electric ones

First shown: Mon 10 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Toxic Air Scandal

Dispatches goes undercover in a major US poultry plant to investigate chlorinated chicken

First shown: Mon 3 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken

Dispatches investigates behind the headlines following the Jeremy Kyle Show's cancellation

First shown: Mon 27 May 2019 | 25 mins

Jeremy Kyle: TV on Trial

Reporter Seyi Rhodes finds out what life in Britain might be like without EU migrants

First shown: Mon 8 Apr 2019 | 26 mins

When the Immigrants Leave

Dispatches investigates the extent to which the war in Yemen is made in Britain

First shown: Mon 1 Apr 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Hidden War

Dispatches reveals the shocking conditions that a big housing association's tenants endure

First shown: Mon 25 Mar 2019 | 26 mins

New Landlords from Hell

Is formula milk priced fairly, and are claims made for it unbiased and proven?

First shown: Mon 18 Mar 2019 | 27 mins

The Great Formula Milk Scandal

Dispatches investigates those who've got rich from Brexit

First shown: Mon 11 Mar 2019 | 26 mins

The Brexit Millionaires

Dispatches investigates the London Fire Brigade's response to the Grenfell fire

First shown: Mon 18 Feb 2019 | 27 mins

Grenfell: Did the Fire Brigade Fail?

Dispatches examines the multi-billion-pound HS2 high-speed train line

First shown: Mon 11 Feb 2019 | 26 mins

HS2: The Great Train Robbery

Why are more and more children leaving school and being educated at home?

First shown: Mon 4 Feb 2019 | 47 mins

Skipping School: Britain's Invisible Kids

Why do some activists resort to such extreme tactics to promote veganism?

First shown: Wed 2 Jan 2019 | 26 mins

The Truth About Vegans

North Korean citizens reveal what their life is like. An episode from 2018.

First shown: Wed 5 Dec 2018 | 47 mins

North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State

This 2018 episode examines the growing need for baby banks and meets parents who use them

First shown: Mon 29 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Born on the Breadline

This episode from 2018 asks: is it time for cannabis to be decriminalised in the UK?

First shown: Mon 22 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Cannabis: Time to End the Ban?

This episode from 2018 explores the dark world of online witness intimidation

First shown: Mon 15 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Witness Intimidation Revealed

The story of Carillion, which was built on public money and imploded. From 2018.

First shown: Wed 22 Aug 2018 | 47 mins

How to Lose Seven Billion Pounds

An episode form 2018. Why does Britain have some of the world's worst breastfeeding rates?

First shown: Mon 30 Jul 2018 | 26 mins

Breastfeeding Uncovered

This 2018 episode reveals how the number of people who are in work but homeless is growing

First shown: Mon 23 Jul 2018 | 26 mins

Homeless and Working

A special from 2018 with exclusive access to secret recordings made by Rohingya activists

First shown: Mon 14 May 2018 | 50 mins

Myanmar's Killing Fields

How have changes to Universal Credit affected people who rely on it? An episode from 2018.

First shown: Mon 7 May 2018 | 26 mins

Britain's Benefits Crisis

How much do the police know about Muslim groups who they fight extremism with? From 2018.

First shown: Mon 26 Mar 2018 | 26 mins

Who Speaks for British Muslims?

This 2018 episode investigates how companies could artificially close their gender pay gap

First shown: Mon 19 Mar 2018 | 27 mins

The Truth About Your Pay

What caused the Beast from the East and shoudl we expect more extreme weather? From 2018.

First shown: Mon 5 Mar 2018 | 26 mins

The Week Britain Froze

This episode from 2018 investigates the expenses of Britain's top universities

First shown: Mon 26 Feb 2018 | 27 mins

Britain's University Spending Scandal

This 2017 episode exposes racism, homophobia and anti-semitism by football fans on trains

First shown: Mon 6 Nov 2017 | 27 mins

Trouble on the Trains

This episode from 2017 looks at the impact of internal migration across the UK

First shown: Mon 30 Oct 2017 | 27 mins

Is Britain Full?

Dispatches goes undercover to investigate car finance

First shown: Mon 28 Aug 2017 | 27 mins

Secrets of Your New Car

A 2017 episode examining the threat Sunni refugees fleeing Isis in Iraq face from militias

First shown: Thu 6 Apr 2017 | 47 mins

Isis and the Battle for Iraq

A 2017 episode examining Brexit's impact on the prices and sizes of our favourite products

First shown: Mon 20 Feb 2017 | 27 mins

Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop

This 2017 episode examines working conditions in warehouses that service online orders

First shown: Mon 30 Jan 2017 | 27 mins

Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes

An episode from 2016. Can more be done to help families kick the spending addiction?

First shown: Mon 24 Oct 2016 | 27 mins

Addicted to Spending

This 2016 episode examines the care some of Britain's most vulnerable pensioners receive

First shown: Mon 4 Apr 2016 | 27 mins

Britain's Pensioner Care Scandal

Dr Christian Jessen investigates the high-end health industry in an episode from 2015

First shown: Tue 22 Dec 2015 | 47 mins

How the Rich Live Longer

This episode from 2015 goes undercover to find out how the cold calling trade works

First shown: Mon 26 Oct 2015 | 27 mins

How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

The story of a secret network set up to save women and children from Isis. From 2015.

First shown: Wed 15 Jul 2015 | 49 mins

Escape from Isis

An episode from 2015. Can we continue to rely on the state to support us in our old age?

First shown: Mon 13 Jul 2015 | 27 mins

Pensions and the Price of Growing Old

Michael Buerk asks whether pensioners are untouchable regarding welfare cuts. From 2013.

First shown: Mon 18 Mar 2013 | 27 mins

Rich and on Benefits

Sir Michael Darrington launches a campaign to end corporate greed. From 2012.

First shown: Mon 8 Oct 2012 | 27 mins

Secrets of Your Boss's Pay

Millions of us own leasehold properties. But at what cost? An episode from 2012.

First shown: Mon 20 Aug 2012 | 27 mins

Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leaseholds

Jon Snow asks consumers, businesses and bankers whether we can trust our banks. From 2012.

First shown: Mon 23 Jul 2012 | 27 mins

Can You Trust Your Bank?

In an edition from 2005, economist Andrew Dilnot looks at the economics of Gordon Brown

First shown: Mon 7 Nov 2005 | 49 mins

Gordon Brown's Missing Billions

In 2001, Dispatches reporter Saira Shah went undercover in Afghanistan to film the Taliban

First shown: Thu 26 Jul 2001 | 49 mins

Beneath the Veil