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Episode 1

In this episode from 2018, North Korean citizens reveal what life is like for the 24 million people who live in the world's most secretive country, where the state controls every aspect of their life

Next on TV: Mon 2 Nov, 8pm

An investigation into promises of 'enhanced hygiene practices' on trains and in pubs

Mon 26 Oct, 8pm | 26 mins

How Safe Is Going Out?

Cate Brown investigates allegations of sexism and harassment at the annual Davos summit

First shown: Mon 23 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Sex, Money & Power: The Dirty Secrets of Davos

Rail commuters face rising fares, delays and overcrowding. How do we fix our trains?

First shown: Mon 16 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Britain's Train Hell

A special investigation reveals celebrities charging huge fees to support charities

First shown: Mon 9 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Celebs for Sale: The Great Charity Scandal

In Guatemala young kids work long hours picking coffee beans for Starbucks and Nespresso

First shown: Mon 2 Mar 2020 | 26 mins

Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your Coffee

Dispatches meets some of the four million children growing up in poverty in the UK

First shown: Mon 2 Dec 2019 | 47 mins

Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids

Dispatches reporter Sophie Morgan investigates Amazon's unstoppable growth

First shown: Mon 11 Nov 2019 | 26 mins

The Secrets of Amazon

An investigation into the influence and power of Dominic Cummings and Seumas Milne

First shown: Mon 4 Nov 2019 | 26 mins

Puppet Masters: The Men Who Really Run Britain

How a trade deal with America might leave the NHS footing a bill for billions

First shown: Mon 28 Oct 2019 | 26 mins

Trump's Plan for the NHS

A Dispatches investigation into the epidemic use of the drug GHB in the gay community

First shown: Sun 8 Sep 2019 | 47 mins

Sex, Drugs and Murder

Reporter Sanah Ahsan explores Britain's youth depression crisis

First shown: Mon 29 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Young, British and Depressed

Reporter Antony Barnett investigates the 'golden visa' scheme for British residency

First shown: Mon 15 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

£2 Million Passport - Welcome to Britain

Dispatches investigates Britain's second biggest, and most profitable, builder, Persimmon

First shown: Mon 15 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's New Build Scandal

With a new PM about to be announced, who really controls the Conservative Party?

First shown: Mon 8 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Battle for the Tory Party

Dispatches investigates what's behind rising numbers of assaults on police officers

First shown: Mon 1 Jul 2019 | 26 mins

Officer Down - Police Under Attack

Are breast implants making women sick or even causing cancer? Dispatches investigates.

First shown: Mon 24 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Breast Implant Scandal

Dispatches reveals how thousands of unsafe medicines were dispensed to NHS patients

First shown: Mon 17 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

How Safe Are Your Medicines?

Dispatches discovers that unidentified toxins come off every vehicle, even electric ones

First shown: Mon 10 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Toxic Air Scandal

Dispatches goes undercover in a major US poultry plant to investigate chlorinated chicken

First shown: Mon 3 Jun 2019 | 26 mins

The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken

Dispatches investigates behind the headlines following the Jeremy Kyle Show's cancellation

First shown: Mon 27 May 2019 | 25 mins

Jeremy Kyle: TV on Trial

Reporter Seyi Rhodes finds out what life in Britain might be like without EU migrants

First shown: Mon 8 Apr 2019 | 26 mins

When the Immigrants Leave

Dispatches investigates the extent to which the war in Yemen is made in Britain

First shown: Mon 1 Apr 2019 | 26 mins

Britain's Hidden War

Dispatches reveals the shocking conditions that a big housing association's tenants endure

First shown: Mon 25 Mar 2019 | 26 mins

New Landlords from Hell

Is formula milk priced fairly, and are claims made for it unbiased and proven?

First shown: Mon 18 Mar 2019 | 27 mins

The Great Formula Milk Scandal

Dispatches investigates those who've got rich from Brexit

First shown: Mon 11 Mar 2019 | 26 mins

The Brexit Millionaires

Dispatches investigates the London Fire Brigade's response to the Grenfell fire

First shown: Mon 18 Feb 2019 | 27 mins

Grenfell: Did the Fire Brigade Fail?

Dispatches examines the multi-billion-pound HS2 high-speed train line

First shown: Mon 11 Feb 2019 | 26 mins

HS2: The Great Train Robbery

Why are more and more children leaving school and being educated at home?

First shown: Mon 4 Feb 2019 | 47 mins

Skipping School: Britain's Invisible Kids

Why do some activists resort to such extreme tactics to promote veganism?

First shown: Wed 2 Jan 2019 | 26 mins

The Truth About Vegans

North Korean citizens reveal what their life is like. An episode from 2018.

First shown: Wed 5 Dec 2018 | 47 mins

North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State

This 2018 episode examines the growing need for baby banks and meets parents who use them

First shown: Mon 29 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Born on the Breadline

This episode from 2018 asks: is it time for cannabis to be decriminalised in the UK?

First shown: Mon 22 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Cannabis: Time to End the Ban?

This episode from 2018 explores the dark world of online witness intimidation

First shown: Mon 15 Oct 2018 | 26 mins

Witness Intimidation Revealed

The story of Carillion, which was built on public money and imploded. From 2018.

First shown: Wed 22 Aug 2018 | 47 mins

How to Lose Seven Billion Pounds

An episode form 2018. Why does Britain have some of the world's worst breastfeeding rates?

First shown: Mon 30 Jul 2018 | 26 mins

Breastfeeding Uncovered

This 2018 episode reveals how the number of people who are in work but homeless is growing

First shown: Mon 23 Jul 2018 | 26 mins

Homeless and Working

A special from 2018 with exclusive access to secret recordings made by Rohingya activists

First shown: Mon 14 May 2018 | 50 mins

Myanmar's Killing Fields

How have changes to Universal Credit affected people who rely on it? An episode from 2018.

First shown: Mon 7 May 2018 | 26 mins

Britain's Benefits Crisis

How much do the police know about Muslim groups who they fight extremism with? From 2018.

First shown: Mon 26 Mar 2018 | 26 mins

Who Speaks for British Muslims?

This 2018 episode investigates how companies could artificially close their gender pay gap

First shown: Mon 19 Mar 2018 | 27 mins

The Truth About Your Pay

What caused the Beast from the East and shoudl we expect more extreme weather? From 2018.

First shown: Mon 5 Mar 2018 | 26 mins

The Week Britain Froze

This episode from 2018 investigates the expenses of Britain's top universities

First shown: Mon 26 Feb 2018 | 27 mins

Britain's University Spending Scandal

This 2017 episode exposes racism, homophobia and anti-semitism by football fans on trains

First shown: Mon 6 Nov 2017 | 27 mins

Trouble on the Trains

This episode from 2017 looks at the impact of internal migration across the UK

First shown: Mon 30 Oct 2017 | 27 mins

Is Britain Full?

Dispatches goes undercover to investigate car finance

First shown: Mon 28 Aug 2017 | 27 mins

Secrets of Your New Car

A 2017 episode examining the threat Sunni refugees fleeing Isis in Iraq face from militias

First shown: Thu 6 Apr 2017 | 47 mins

Isis and the Battle for Iraq

A 2017 episode examining Brexit's impact on the prices and sizes of our favourite products

First shown: Mon 20 Feb 2017 | 27 mins

Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop

This 2017 episode examines working conditions in warehouses that service online orders

First shown: Mon 30 Jan 2017 | 27 mins

Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes

An episode from 2016. Can more be done to help families kick the spending addiction?

First shown: Mon 24 Oct 2016 | 27 mins

Addicted to Spending

This 2016 episode examines the care some of Britain's most vulnerable pensioners receive

First shown: Mon 4 Apr 2016 | 27 mins

Britain's Pensioner Care Scandal

Dr Christian Jessen investigates the high-end health industry in an episode from 2015

First shown: Tue 22 Dec 2015 | 47 mins

How the Rich Live Longer

This episode from 2015 goes undercover to find out how the cold calling trade works

First shown: Mon 26 Oct 2015 | 27 mins

How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

The story of a secret network set up to save women and children from Isis. From 2015.

First shown: Wed 15 Jul 2015 | 49 mins

Escape from Isis

An episode from 2015. Can we continue to rely on the state to support us in our old age?

First shown: Mon 13 Jul 2015 | 27 mins

Pensions and the Price of Growing Old

Michael Buerk asks whether pensioners are untouchable regarding welfare cuts. From 2013.

First shown: Mon 18 Mar 2013 | 27 mins

Rich and on Benefits

Sir Michael Darrington launches a campaign to end corporate greed. From 2012.

First shown: Mon 8 Oct 2012 | 27 mins

Secrets of Your Boss's Pay

Millions of us own leasehold properties. But at what cost? An episode from 2012.

First shown: Mon 20 Aug 2012 | 27 mins

Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leaseholds

Jon Snow asks consumers, businesses and bankers whether we can trust our banks. From 2012.

First shown: Mon 23 Jul 2012 | 27 mins

Can You Trust Your Bank?

In an edition from 2005, economist Andrew Dilnot looks at the economics of Gordon Brown

First shown: Mon 7 Nov 2005 | 49 mins

Gordon Brown's Missing Billions

In 2001, Dispatches reporter Saira Shah went undercover in Afghanistan to film the Taliban

First shown: Thu 26 Jul 2001 | 49 mins

Beneath the Veil