Dead Beautiful

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    Episode 1 - Queen of Hearts

    A serial killer is on the loose in the city of Paris. How many victims will it take before Police Commissioner Martin and his detective team can manage to decipher the murderer's gruesome plan?

    Strong language and violent scenesThis episode is subtitled97 mins
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    Episode 2 - Queen of Spades

    When a private detective's clients are tortured and eliminated, one by one, Martin and his deputy Jeannette are convinced that the killer is a woman. Can they track her down and put her out of action?

    Strong language and violenceThis episode is subtitled103 mins
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    Episode 3 - Queen of Diamonds

    Over a five-year period, six blonde, beautiful and highly qualified women mysteriously disappear, but nobody connects the cases, until a seventh victim fitting the profile survives an attempted kidnap

    Strong language, violence and nudityThis episode is subtitled103 mins
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    Episode 4 - Queen of Clubs

    Although Martin's own daughter is in hospital and his relationship is under threat, he must throw himself into a demanding search for two lost children who have a cold-blooded killer hunting them down

    Strong language, violence and adult contentThis episode is subtitled92 mins
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    Episode 5 - Queen of Blood

    Martin wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself lying beside a woman he doesn't recognise in an apartment he's never visited before. Two days later, a woman's body is found in the same bed.

    Strong language, adult themes and sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled104 mins
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    Episode 6 - Queen of Trumps

    When a little girl is found dead under a flyover, the clues point to a former pimp but the police find his flat is empty. A grim reality soon emerges: the victim had a younger sister, who is missing.

    Strong language, adult themes and sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled101 mins
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    Episode 7 - Queen of Ashes

    Paul Vigan's appeal against his conviction for the murders of the six young women is looming and Jeannette must testify against him in court. But then another victim fitting the profile is found.

    Strong language, adult themes, violence and full frontal nudityThis episode is subtitled102 mins
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    Episode 8 - Queen of Fire

    When an anonymous killer murders seven people on a bus in central Paris, Martin makes an upsetting discovery about one of the victims and is sure that sooner or later the perpetrator will strike again

    Strong language, adult themes and sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled105 mins
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    Episode 9 - Queen of Ice

    The homicide division is shaken when Marie-Laure, the head of the forensic department, is accused of murdering a rapist. Despite all the evidence stacked up against her, Martin is sure she's innocent.

    Strong language, violent and upsetting scenesThis episode is subtitled105 mins