• Episode 1 - Get Me a Lawyer

      An ambitious young lawyer joins a high-profile litigator to expose a billionaire's stock market manipulation and ends up as a suspect in a gruesome murder

    • Episode 2 - Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker

      After Katie is prepped to testify in the case against Frobisher, Patty suspects she's withholding key information that could undermine her credibility on the witness stand

    • Episode 3 - And My Paralysing Fear of Death

      As a bomb threat puts Patty and her family on edge, Ellen's loyalty to the firm is tested when she must choose between delivering a brief to an important judge and attending her own engagement party

    • Episode 4 - Tastes Like a Ho-Ho

      Though sure that she's ready to help nail Frobisher, Katie realises that she's been used after the accuracy of her deposition is called into question

    • Episode 5 - A Regular Earl Anthony

      Tom faces a choice between a lucrative partnership at a big firm and taking over the Frobisher lawsuit. Ellen and David's long hours at work jeopardize their relationship.

    • Episode 6 - She Spat at Me

      The case pushes Ellen and David's relationship to breaking point, and Gregory Malina comes under increasing pressure to testify

    • Episode 7 - We Are Not Animals

      Fiske works to keep Gregory Malina from being deposed, Patty sows seeds of doubt between Tom and Ellen, and tries to get her son home

    • Episode 8 - Blame the Victim

      Patty tries to contain the damage caused by Gregory Malina's disappearance, an insider leaks privileged information to Frobisher, and Ellen is distracted by her father's own legal troubles

    • Episode 9 - Do You Regret What We Did?

      Patty's team receive some critical information, and Gregory Malina emerges from hiding to testify

    • Episode 10 - Sort of Like a Family

      As the deposition gets underway, Patty suspects someone on her staff has been leaking confidential information to Frobisher's legal team...

    • Episode 11 - I Hate These People

      Ellen agrees to press Moore for more information that could help nail Frobisher

    • Episode 12 - There's No 'We' Anymore

      Events prompt Frobisher to unleash everything he has in order to gain control of evidence that could undermine him in court

    • Episode 13 - Because I Know Patty

      As Ellen uses the Malina videotape to fight the charges against her, Patty engineers a confrontation with Frobisher that brings the lawsuit to a dramatic conclusion