Nick Hewer

Impress your friends with our Countdown trivia facts!

Countdown theme-tune composer Alan Hawkshaw is listed as co-writer on the Jay-Z track 'Pray', featuring Beyonce Knowles.

Some regular Countdown studio audience members arrive 3 hours before recordings to make sure they get the front seats!

If all the letters ever selected on Countdown were laid out next to each other on the floor, they would stretch for more than 20 miles.

The much-coveted Countdown teapot has changed hands at charity auctions for £1500!

Legendary Hollywood actress Julie Andrews sent a special taped message from America to congratulate the show on its 25th birthday!

Richard Whiteley was actually called John Richard Whiteley, but chose to be known by his middle name. Former presenter Jeff Stelling is actually called Robert Jeffrey Stelling but prefers his middle name too!