Confessions of a Junior Doctor

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    Episode 1

    As the new graduates begin their work at Northampton General Hospital, they start to experience the reality of life as an NHS doctor

    This episode is audio describedThe realities faced by Junior Doctors as they deal with life and death situationsThis episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Episode 2

    This episode concentrates on Northampton General's A&E department, as it comes under increasing pressure. Morgan is thrust into bustling A&E, just a year after leaving medical school.

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    Episode 3

    This episode meets the junior doctors looking after some of Northampton General's youngest and often most fragile patients, and their anxious parents, in the paediatric department

    This episode is audio describedGraphic scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Episode 4

    This episode follows junior doctors working in the competitive world of surgery. James is leading operations for the first time, and his commitment soon starts to affect his own health.

    This episode is audio describedGraphic scenes of surgery and strong languageThis episode is subtitled47 mins