• Episode 1 - History 101

      The Study Group returns from summer break ready to tackle their fourth year of community college. Jeff is only a few credits away from graduating.

    • Episode 2 - Paranormal Parentage

      While on their way to Vicki's Halloween costume party, the study group makes a detour to Pierce's mansion when they learn he accidentally locked himself in his panic room

    • Episode 3 - Conventions of Space and Time

      In support of Troy and Abed, the study group heads to InspecTiCon, the annual Inspector Spacetime Convention. Trouble begins when the group meets up with Abed's email pen-pal, Toby Davies.

    • Episode 4 - Alternative History of the German Invasion

      After losing out in registration for The History of Ice Cream, the study group begins their European History class with Professor Noel Cornwallis

    • Episode 5 - Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations

      The study group heads to Shirley's for a Bennett-filled Thanksgiving. Jeff heads to his estranged father William's house, whom he hasn't seen since he was a child.

    • Episode 6 - Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

      As the campus strives to get to the bottom of Chang's memory loss, Dean Pelton enlists the group to help secure a grant for further medical research and Abed films the activities for a documentary

    • Episode 7 - Economics of Marine Biology

      Dean Pelton enlists the study group to make the campus more attractive in order to woo a wealthy student to Greendale. A class on how to teach P.E. pits Shirley against Troy.

    • Episode 8 - Herstory of Dance

      When Dean Pelton plans a Sadie Hawkins dance at Greendale, Britta plans a competing Sophie B. Hawkins dance in protest, but the joke is on Britta. She confused Sophie B. Hawkins with Susan B. Anthony.

    • Episode 9 - Intro to Felt Surrogacy

      Dean Pelton prompts the study group to use puppets to relive the traumatic events of a recent adventure

    • Episode 10 - Intro to Knots

      Jeff organises a holiday gathering at his apartment and Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis to get in his good graces. The atmosphere quickly deteriorates.

    • Episode 11 - Basic Human Anatomy

      When Annie and Shirley learn that Leonard is actually holding the spot as the class valedictorian, they join forces to bring him down

    • Episode 12 - Heroic Origins

      Abed's research into the study group's history uncovers an overlooked series of chance encounters that led each of them to Greendale

    • Episode 13 - Advanced Introduction to Finality

      A plan to celebrate Jeff's early graduation is unexpectedly disrupted by the study group's evil doppelgangers from the Darkest Timeline