• Episode 1 - Biology 101

      As Jeff tries to keep Pierce from rejoining the study group, Dean Pelton faces off with Vice Dean Laybourne for control of Greendale. Britta helps Abed find a new favorite TV show.

    • Episode 2 - Geography of Global Conflict

      Britta finds herself at odds with Chang when she is torn between her newly conventional life and her rebellious past

    • Episode 3 - Competitive Ecology

      The study group struggles to incorporate a fellow classmate while working on a project for Professor Kane's class. Chang causes a fire while trying to solve a strange mystery of his own making.

    • Episode 4 - Remedial Chaos Theory

      When Jeff introduces an element of randomness into Troy and Abed's housewarming party, reality splits into six timelines in which the group's complicated relationships play out in different ways

    • Episode 5 - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

      When Britta finds that an anonymous personality test suggests that one of them is a homicidal maniac, the study group members use a series of scary Halloween stories to expose the killer

    • Episode 6 - Advanced Gay

      When a drag queen's song makes Hawthorne Wipes an iconic gay product, Pierce embraces it until his homophobic dad Cornelius shows up to squelch the idea

    • Episode 7 - Studies in Modern Movement

      Annie has second thoughts about moving in with Troy and Abed once she realises that they expect her to live in a blanket fort

    • Episode 8 - Documentary in Filmmaking: Redux

      As Dean Pelton films an updated commercial for Greendale, the production takes a wild turn once he discovers that a famous Greendale alum has agreed to appear in the ad

    • Episode 9 - Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism

      When Shirley agrees to coach Jeff in foosball, they realise that she bullied him mercilessly when they were kids

    • Episode 10 - Regional Holiday Music

      The study group is slowly convinced to fill in for the Glee Club at Greendale's Christmas pageant after Abed decides he wants them to spend the holiday together

    • Episode 11 - Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

      When Shirley's remarriage to Andre threatens to put her dreams of starting a business with Pierce on hold, Britta takes over and discovers, much to her chagrin, that she is a gifted wedding planner

    • Episode 12 - Contemporary Impressionists

      The study group must work as celebrity impersonators at a bar mitzvah to pay off Abed's debt to a talent agency owner

    • Episode 13 - Digital Exploration of Interior Design

      When Britta falls for the human embodiment of the Subway sandwich chain, Shirley and Pierce hope to use the situation to their advantage

    • Episode 14 - Pillows and Blankets

      The students of Greendale are drawn into an epic pillow fight as Troy and Abed start a war that threatens to destroy their unique friendship

    • Episode 15 - Origins of Vampire Mythology

      Jeff tries to figure out why Britta's ex has so much power over her, while Pierce and Chang become best friends

    • Episode 16 - Virtual Systems Analysis

      After sending Troy and Britta on a date, Annie volunteers to keep Abed company in his Dreamatorium

    • Episode 17 - Basic Lupine Urology

      When the yam the study group was growing for biology class is killed, Troy and Abed are on the case

    • Episode 18 - Course Listing Unavailable

      After a classmate suddenly dies, the study group decides to host a memorial. But when Jeff turns his speech into an angry anti-Greendale rant, the gathering quickly becomes a riot.

    • Episode 19 - Curriculum Unavailable

      After Abed is caught trespassing at Greendale, he and his friends visit a psychiatrist

    • Episode 20 - Digital Estate Planning

      Pierce and his closest friends are summoned to Hawthorne Labs to play a video game that will determine who will inherit his father's fortune

    • Episode 21 - The First Chang Dynasty

      The study group stages an elaborate heist to break in to Greendale and free Dean Pelton from the clutches of Chang

    • Episode 22 - Introduction to Finality

      As Abed struggles to stay sane without his best friend, Jeff agrees to represent Shirley in a case against Pierce to determine official ownership of their new sandwich shop