Comedy Showcase

  • Other People

    At 14, Greg was a child star. But in the blink of an eye, his career finished. Twenty years later, Greg works in a sofa shop. When a customer recognises him, one disastrous event leads to another...

  • Ladies and Gentlemen

    Follows the single lives and awkward loves of a group of Victorian 30-something friends who share a house in London

  • Plus One

    What do you do when your girlfriend leaves you to marry Duncan James from Blue? Outshine them on their wedding day, that's what you do. With Miranda Raison and Ruth Bradley.

  • play

    The Eejits

    Maurice and Gerard are two would-be musicians whose ambitions far outreach their abilities, but that doesn't stop them having big dreams

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled24 mins
  • Free Agents

    A dark, poignant comedy about a couple who might just have a future together. With Stephen Mangan, Sharon Horgan, Anthony Head, Frances Tomelty and Nick Barber.

  • The Kevin Bishop Show

    A super-fast-paced sketch show that shows off Kevin Bishop's many talents, including his take on celebrities, footage gags and one-off skits

  • Campus

    From the award-winning team behind Green Wing and Smack the Pony, the original episode of Campus, shown as part of Comedy Showcase

  • PhoneShop

    The original pilot of the hit sitcom. New recruit Christopher is on the notorious one-day trial. Will he make his first sale by 6pm, or will he be yet another victim on the vicious retail battlefield?

  • The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

    US comedian David Cross plays Todd Margaret, a hapless office drone who flukes his way into a top management job heading up the British division of a US multinational

  • The Amazing Dermot

    Master illusionist and stage hypnotist Dermot Flint (Rhys Darby) is desperate to get his career back on track after his wife leaves him and his TV show is cancelled.

  • Guantanamo Phil

    British bird-watcher Phil Mill (Steve Edge) has been wrongfully incarcerated by the US Marines for the past six years. Now he's back in credit crunch UK and his job and house have gone...

  • Girl Friday

    An all-star sketch show with Josie Long, Kerry Howard, Sara Pascoe, Nat Lurtsema, Kathryn Drysdale and Lu Corfield, including their own daytime show: Looser Women

  • Chickens

    It's the First World War and the nation's heroes are fighting the good fight, all apart from three young men in a sleepy English village where all the women hate them. Stars Simon Bird.

  • Coma Girl

    Upbeat comedy about four friends who share a history but are divided by almost everything else. Siobhan's a failing TV presenter, Sarah's a reluctant mum, Pip's a pseudo bohemian and Lucy's in a coma.

  • Fun Police

    Fun Police follows the trials and tribulations of an incompetent Health and Safety team. Neil returns to work after falling two storeys onto the head of Health and Safety, leaving her in a coma.