The Earl

Lord Newmarket's production company specialising in documentaries on the royal family. Lord Newmarket goes to Hollywood to pitch his ludicrous film ideas to the studio bosses that count.

Ricky Gervais tries to make it in showbusiness

First shown: Wed 8 Sep 1999 | 23 mins

Golden Years

A documentary that tells the story of would-be comic Trevor Evans

First shown: Thu 9 Sep 1999 | 25 mins

The Entertainer

Comedy trio Electric Eel play three unsavoury, down-market estate agents

First shown: Thu 16 Sep 1999 | 24 mins

Roy Dance Is Dead

Lord Newmarket goes to Hollywood to pitch his ludicrous film ideas

First shown: Wed 11 Oct 2000 | 22 mins

The Earl

This epsiode's animated cartoon special guests are Madonna, Robbie Williams and Travis

First shown: Tue 17 Oct 2000 | 11 mins

House of Rock Awards

The middle-class Andersons are a bit dysfunctional...

First shown: Wed 8 Nov 2000 | 25 mins


Two young women create an elaborate and complicated fantasy experience

First shown: Thu 8 Nov 2001 | 25 mins

Renegades of Magina

A young boy blackmails his mum's friend's new boyfriend, who happens to be his teacher

First shown: Thu 13 Dec 2001 | 23 mins

Turn the World Down

A Sci-Fi comedy mixed with a dose of satire and gross-out humour.

First shown: Thu 20 Dec 2001 | 24 mins

Daydream Believers

Delving into the abstract world of The Pooters book club

First shown: Fri 1 Feb 2002 | 22 mins

The Pooters

Five unlikely sporting personalities take on a selection of bizarre sporting activities

First shown: Thu 28 Nov 2002 | 23 mins

Best of British

Two 'chancers', Chris and Milo, set themselves the task of making a TV programme

First shown: Tue 24 Feb 2004 | 23 mins

The Chancers

An alternative comedy game show, based on a 1950s-style beauty pageant.

First shown: Sun 30 Oct 2011 | 29 mins

Mr & Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show

Bobby teams up with his mate Vin to set up the first all-white, English Kabaddi team.

First shown: Wed 14 Dec 2011 | 24 mins


The Magoons must pick up Nitin's dad's best friend's daughter from the station

First shown: Wed 5 Dec 2012 | 23 mins

Meet The Magoons