Coach Trip

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    Day 30: Istanbul

    The coach trippers recap on their time in Istanbul

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    Romeo & Juliet

    The group visit Juliet's balcony in Verona, where the events of the the famous ficticious play really took place

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    The End

    The coach trippers get reflective on the canals of Venice, but none more so than Brendan

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    It's often said that the face we show in public is a kind of mask. Only with less glitter, glue, and silly bickering.

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    Cheeky Opera

    Can the Cheeky Girls fill the void in the opera world left after the sad passing of Pavarotti? No. No they can't.

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    Strudel Time

    The strudels leave the tourists bamboozled. And in Alex and Ricky's case, very angry.

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    Ring My Bell

    Alex can't wait until everybody's excitement over a load of bells ends

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    Cool Runnings

    Brendan reflects on travelling at 100 mph between a Chuckle Brother's legs

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    Bear Necessities

    It's more than the tourists can bear, when they 'bearly' escape from a hungry... ursus arctos.

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    Segway to Heaven

    The celebrity coach trip tourists take a ride around the city on Segways