Coach Trip

    • Episode 1 - Scarborough

      It's day one and first stop is Brendan's backyard and a day in sunny Scarborough. After a morning making fish and chips, the tourists have a ripper of a time at a caricature class.

    • Episode 2 - Rotterdam

      The group have a spring in their step as they go on a bouncy Kangoo tour of Rotterdam, before tasting the local tipple at a Dutch gin museum

    • Episode 3 - Arnhem

      It's day two, and the group have a spring in their step as they go on a bouncy Kangoo tour of Rotterdam, before tasting the local tipple at a Dutch gin museum

      Clips & Extras

    • Episode 4 - Munster

      At a boating lake a weighty issue sees the group make waves with the locals, revelations abound on the coach and it's feeding time at the zoo

    • Episode 5 - Bielefeld

      The group arrive in Bielefeld and take on the sport of bossaball - volleyball on trampolines - before one tourist's temperature is raised after some close attention at a hammam

    • Episode 6 - Hannover

      The tourists have their taste buds tickled by some rather unusual and exotic coffee beans, before Brendan drops some shattering news as they arrive to play ice-hockey

    • Episode 7 - Magdeburg

      Day seven, Magdeburg. After a morning tobogganing one couple's relationship takes a turn for the worse over lunch.

    • Episode 8 - Berlin

      Brendan enjoys himself more than most at a cabaret class before a city beer bike tour is interrupted by rain - as well as an urgent toilet stop. But there's no relief for one couple at the vote.

    • Episode 9 - Szczecin

      A morning ding-dong sees one couple take temporary leave of the coach. Bowling produces a shock winner and there's a surprise or two in store as the coach visits a cold war bunker.

    • Episode 10 - Mysliborz

      Brendan's attempts to find a rural Polish farm are about as successful as the group's efforts at goat milking once they eventually arrive

    • Episode 11 - Poznan

      After a surprise morning departure, the group get stuck into making lollipop lookalikes. A language lesson finds Brendan sweet-talking an angry tourist, but will the war of words continue at the vote?

    • Episode 12 - Konin

      The group arrive in Konin, where a three-time Olympian gives them a lesson in fencing. And a visit to a chocolate baths creates unbridled merriment.

    • Episode 13 - Lodz

      Brendan uncovers his 'street' persona at an urban art class. Another new couple arrive before the group go full-throttle at the go-kart track. But one couple hit the skids at an emotional vote.

    • Episode 14 - Warsaw

      The group visit Poland's national football stadium. Things go with a bang at an immersive history lesson. And one couple's fate looks precarious at the vote.

    • Episode 15 - Lomza

      Day 15. The rain in Lomza sees the British spirit in full swing during a sightseeing boat tour, and the group cut some mean shapes at a breakdancing class.

    • Episode 16 - Goldap

      Day 16. Dark clouds engulf Brendan after bad behaviour overnight in the hotel, before the tourists make hay models while the sun still shines

    • Episode 17 - Alytus

      Brendan snaps after another raucous night leaving the tourists stunned, and a memorable horse photography class sees the group pull some stunning poses

    • Episode 18 - Vilnius

      The coach is in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and the tourists find their cultural level at a sculpture park. Will another couple be bidding goodbye at the vote?

    • Episode 19 - Viciunai

      A morning Tai Chi class reduces one tourist to hysterics, and the group battle through a boggy, insect-ridden swamp hike

    • Episode 20 - Riga

      On the final day of the trip the group try opera singing, with varying success. At an emotional vote, the winning couple are crowned.

    • Episode 21 - Riga

      A Baltic and Scandinavian adventure starts in Latvia with a hair-raising thrill ride and some encounters with local pottery

    • Episode 22 - Parnu, Estonia

      A tour of Estonian food through the ages isn't to everyone's taste, but a harmonica masterclass proves a big hit

    • Episode 23 - Rapla, Estonia

      The coach moves onto Rapla, where one tourist proves a formidable opponent for the Estonian Olympic wrestling team

    • Episode 24 - Tallinn

      The group spend the day in the Estonian capital Tallinn, where one tourist is banished to the naughty step by Brendan at a marzipan making class

    • Episode 25 - Helsinki

      The group enjoy a husky ride and a spot of wife carrying in the Finnish capital

    • Episode 26 - Hameenlinna, Finland

      The group gets stuck into some wakeboarding and then meet Rudolph and friends at a reindeer park. Some new arrivals make an instant impression on the group.

    • Episode 27 - Turku, Finland

      The group let loose in a folk dancing class, before unleashing their inner baker with a gingerbread making class

    • Episode 28 - Stockholm

      Brendan struggles to keep his cool on a chaotic canoe tour. And one of the group shows him up by falling asleep on a tour of the royal palace.

    • Episode 29 - Eskilstuna, Sweden

      There's a spectacular gliding trip and some eclectic local beers on a brewery tour for the group

    • Episode 30 - Orebro, Sweden

      The group sample a fishy local delicacy and go on a castle ghost tour

    • Episode 31 - Karlstad

      The group have a swinging old time on a tree-top rope course in Karlstad before traditional Swedish sack fighting sees them gleefully take out their frustrations on one another

    • Episode 32 - Nysäter

      As the coach arrives in Nysäter the tourists become Vikings for the morning, rowing a longboat under the eye of a terrifying local. A life drawing class raises more than a few eyebrows.

    • Episode 33 - Fredrikstad

      Arriving in the fortress town of Fredrikstad, Brendan helps out a local guide with his tour before a rather unique poetry workshop, and there's big trouble at the vote

    • Episode 34 - Oslo

      The coach pulls into the Norwegian capital Oslo and meets the colourful Olympic team for a game of curling. And there's more than sleight of hand at work at a magic museum.

    • Episode 35 - Oslo

      A new couple make an impression before things get competitive at a game of frisbee golf. Brendan makes the mistake of crossing a particularly prickly character at a flower arranging class.

    • Episode 36 - Aalborg

      In Aalborg, Denmark, some new arrivals give the group a lift before everyone is on a sugar high making traditional sweets. And there's a lot of hot air on display at a glass-blowing class.

    • Episode 37 - Aarhus

      It's a day of highs and lows in Aarhus, Denmark. The group go scuba diving with sharks but it's no drop in the ocean for one tourist. But which couple will bottom out at the vote?

    • Episode 38 - Middelfart

      The group enjoy a bit of fresh air in Middelfart where they spend the morning whale watching - although one tourist's eye seems to be drawn to something else entirely

    • Episode 39 - Roskilde

      The coach rolls into Roskilde and the group are taught the basics of Viking combat. They wind down with a laughter yoga class, but the last yellow card vote is no laughing matter.

    • Episode 40 - Copenhagen

      On the final day of the trip the coach drives to Copenhagen. Brendan adds a bit of jazz to proceedings with a scat singing competition before the group celebrate their last afternoon.

    • Episode 41 - Split

      It's day one of a brand new tour as 14 fun-loving Brits begin the trip of a lifetime. The first stop is Split in Croatia, where one tourist make an instant impression, on a fortress tour.

    • Episode 42 - Omis

      In Omis, Croatia, there are teething troubles for Brendan as well as highs and lows for the tourists as they go rock climbing and make a local flat pie

    • Episode 43 - Makarska

      In Makarska, Croatia, the group make waves as they slip and slide their way around an inflatable assault course at a local pool before things get fruity at a mandarin grove

    • Episode 44 - Mostar

      After an early morning shock the group arrive in Bosnia and are taken on a war tour of the city of Mostar, where one couple seem a little confused about what sights might be on offer

    • Episode 45 - Dubrovnik

      In Dubrovnik, the group take the plunge at a paddle boarding lesson, and Brendan befriends some Australians at an a capella singing class

    • Episode 46 - Herceg Novi

      The coach arrives in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. One new couple make an early impression at a squid ink cookery class before the group spend the afternoon snorkelling off a boat.

    • Episode 47 - Budva

      In Budva, Montenegro, the group tackle a local tree-top rope course, and a prank nearly leaves Brendan grounded. A cocktail making competition sees some surprising results.

    • Episode 48 - Bar

      The group visit a local beekeeper and his hives in Bar, Montenegro, where there's quite literally a sting in the tail for one tourist

    • Episode 49 - Bari

      The coach arrives in Italy and the group have a smashing time in Bari learning the very local art of octopus curling - although not every couple is happy to take part

    • Episode 50 - Taranto

      In Taranto, Italy, the group go sea fishing, then a sculpture caricature class raises much mirth, although not everyone likes their likeness, before Brendan ups the ante at the vote

    • Episode 51 - Taranto

      At the start of the second day in Taranto, Italy, an angry Brendan asserts his authority, before the group try their hand at milking olive trees and pizza-making

    • Episode 52 - Lecce

      In Lecce, Brendan gives the group a photo challenge, with mixed results, and a romantic folk dance reveals some intriguing dance techniques. But love is not in the air at the vote.

    • Episode 53 - Corfu

      The tourists arrive in Greece by ferry at 4.30am, so Brendan wakes them up with an aerobics class. On Corfu, the group upset the locals when they go jet skiing.

    • Episode 54 - Corfu

      A new arrival raises the level of knowledge and conversation as the group go sailing

    • Episode 55 - Ioannina

      Back on the Greek mainland, the tourists sample frogs legs and eels, but one couple wriggle into the group's bad books. Then the tourists go kayaking.

    • Episode 56 - Arta - Greece

      Unexpected talent is revealed when the tourists paint the beautiful stone bridge at Arta in Greece, but one couple are in for the brush-off at the vote

    • Episode 57 - Messolonghi

      It's all Greek for the tourists when they have a language lesson in Messolonghi. Brendan's left with mud on his face as a spa turns out to be anything but a treat for the unimpressed group.

    • Episode 58 - Patras - Greece

      Brendan takes the group wrestling in Patras but things wrap up early after the experts witness the tourists in practice. And the coach gets stuck in a ditch on the way to a winery.

    • Episode 59 - Loutraki

      When it rains in Loutraki, the tourists' yoga class is shifted from the beach to the middle of a busy café, much to the locals' bemusement. And will everyone last until the final day?

    • Episode 60 - Athens

      The coach pulls into Athens on the last day of the tour. The tourists have a Greek percussion lesson and visit a sea turtle sanctuary, before the winner is crowned.

    • Episode 61 - Prague

      In Prague, love is on the cards, and beer, as well as Brendan's budget, head down the drain as the group take on an ancient bottling machine before emotions overflow at the vote

    • Episode 62 - Pelhrimov

      In Pelhrimov, the group creates a world record using a giant pencil at a museum of curiosities. More things are broken at a grass skiing class, meaning the trip's first visit to hospital.

    • Episode 63 - Brno

      The group get up close and personal in Brno at a contact improvisation class - with some finding it more pleasurable than others, but everyone is feeling rotten after a tear jerking vote

    • Episode 64 - Mistelbach

      The coach rolls into Mistelbach, Austria, and the tourists rock out with some 21st century yodelling. Brendan takes the group to learn the survival skills of prehistoric man, with mixed results.

    • Episode 65 - Vienna

      In Vienna, there's a visit to a chocolate factory and a Viennese waltz class, and a new couple make a sticky start on the coach. But one couple are really left in a whirl at the vote.

    • Episode 66 - Gyor

      The coach rolls into Gyor, Hungary, and the tourists get hands on with fire. A water polo game sees one tourist literally get that sinking feeling, before more water works at a tetchy vote.

    • Episode 67 - Budapest

      It's a battle of the sexes, as the group get locked up in Budapest, Hungary. Brendan makes the most of his tourists learning massage skills, but things aren't so relaxed at the vote.

    • Episode 68 - Budapest

      Budapest, Hungary. A language teacher puts Brendan in his place. The wheels come off a bicycle tour as a surprise departure rocks the group, before another couple gets the yellow.

    • Episode 69 - Siófok

      In Siófok, Hungary, the tourists put their best foot forward at a folk dancing lesson. A gory fish gutting lesson isn't one of for the squeamish, but will there be more carnage at the vote?

    • Episode 70 - Maribor

      Maribor, Slovenia. Brendan discovers he's travelling with a bunch of screamers on an adrenaline filled toboggan run, and the group have some stomping success crushing grapes at a vineyard.

    • Episode 71 - Zagreb

      Brendan hopes a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia isn't an omen for things to come. Plus, there's a battle to the bitter end over one tourist at Knight School.

    • Episode 72 - Karlovac

      A disrupted night sees the red mist descend on Brendan as he dishes out the cards. In Karlovac, Croatia a dark horse is revealed as the group give aerial silk dancing a go.

    • Episode 73 - Rijeka

      Rijeka, Croatia. There's much hilarity as banana boating proves more slippery and speedy than expected, and some new arrivals are all in a whirl at a majorette class.

    • Episode 74 - Novigrad

      A cocky tourist gets his comeuppance as the group goes deep sea fishing in Novigrad, Croatia, and an Olympic gold medallist helps the tourists get to grips with clay pigeon shooting.

    • Episode 75 - Grado

      Disqualification and destruction abound as Brendan sets up a sandcastle competition in Grado, Italy, and there's much ado in tutus at an unusual beachside ballet class

    • Episode 76 - Venice

      Venice. The group get two-faced at a Venetian mask painting class, before they sit back, relax and enjoy a relaxing gondola ride. But is one couple steering into choppy waters at the vote?

    • Episode 77 - Ferrara, Italy

      Ferrara, Italy: The local castle is an empty vessel causing the distracted amongst the group to make the most noise. Balloon sculpting follows and one couple are left deflated at the vote.

    • Episode 78 - Bologna

      It's a gastronomical day of delight in Bologna although a pasta chef brings back bad memories for one tourist. After struggles to get gelato-making licked, relations get frosty at the vote.

    • Episode 79 - Bologna

      Bologna. After sheep-shearing at a local working farm, opera singing seems to hit the right note with the group but will they all be in tune when it comes to the final yellow card vote?

    • Episode 80 - Florence

      The last day of the trip, in Florence, sees a sculpture lesson with a grape-popping toga-clad Brendan playing model, before this tour's winners are crowned at an emotional final vote