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Episode 14

Dejan demonstrates his creative solution for keeping kids occupied; Matt from Hampshire brings a universal gadget; Laura has a homemade kit to make the nation feel refreshed

Mobu, Doddl, Pet Angel: Simon from Loughborough has a nifty little solution to a very modern problem

First shown: Mon 16 Apr 2018 | 24 mins

EasichefKnife, Fixeeze, Bootclaw: Friends Amit, Ghazi and Imtyaz demonstrate their invention to remove breakfast-time stress

First shown: Tue 17 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Shake n Store, Poppy Suspenders, Formcard: Ella from Essex has an eye-popping 'revolution' in ladies lingerie

First shown: Wed 18 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Catchy, AIO Smartsleeve, Hairshark: Inventor Elvis has a high-tech health monitoring solution

First shown: Thu 26 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Filthy Weather Skirts, Albatross Bookmark, PluginUplighter: What will the shoppers think of Marni and Ali's solution for tackling the British rain?

First shown: Fri 20 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Practi Towel, Monpere, Heeling Powers: Twin entrepreneurs Ben and Gary from York demonstrate their leisure product

First shown: Mon 23 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Caboost, ManMower, Pokito: Steve and Sue showcase their product to help kids during car journeys

First shown: Tue 24 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Kikka Digger, Thero, Pink Puff: Sarah hopes her pretty pink invention will catch the shoppers' eye

First shown: Fri 13 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

Bionic Gym, Noodvamp, TabletHookz: Is it possible to lose weight while sitting on the sofa? Dr Louis from Dublin thinks so.

First shown: Thu 26 Apr 2018 | 23 mins

B-Lifted, 5AM Phone Box, Solar Buddies: Kyaw has a product to aid early morning wake-ups

First shown: Fri 27 Apr 2018 | 23 mins