Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    • Episode 1 - New Captain

      Captain Holt is transferred to the NYPD Department of Public Relations and the arrival of a new captain makes the precinct dissolve into chaos. Peralta and Santiago face the aftermath of their kiss.

    • Episode 2 - The Funeral

      The precinct gets another personnel change that could put Peralta and Santiago's budding relationship at risk, while Diaz and Gina try to convince Boyle to rethink his affection for a fellow officer

    • Episode 3 - Boyle's Hunch

      Peralta thinks that Boyle might have found his soul-mate in Genevieve, an art gallery owner, so he tries to bring them together. Diaz deals with a case of theft within the precinct building.

    • Episode 4 - The Oolong Slayer

      While investigating a serial killer, Peralta enlists Holt's help in an attempt to solve the case without the new captain finding out. Diaz and Santiago are forced to deal with The Vulture's demands.

    • Episode 5 - Halloween III

      The third instalment of Peralta and Holt's 'Halloween heist' involves a tie-breaking competition to claim the title of 'amazing detective slash genius' in which they split the squad into two teams

    • Episode 6 - Into the Woods

      Peralta and Boyle persuade Jeffords to join them on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods. Holt gives Diaz important relationship advice. Santiago enlists Gina's help to prepare for a presentation.

    • Episode 7 - The Mattress

      Peralta and Santiago ask Captain Holt to let them work together on a case involving a new street drug, but their personal relationship gets in the way. Boyle panics when he damages Holt's prized car.

    • Episode 8 - Ava

      Jeffords asks Peralta to look after his pregnant wife Sharon when she drops in at the precinct in his absence. Computer problems leave Santiago and Boyle dealing with a huge pile of paperwork by hand.

    • Episode 9 - The Swedes

      Santiago and Jeffords help Gina to prepare for an exam. Peralta and Diaz work with two Swedish detectives on an international jewel theft case. Captain Holt enlists Boyle as his squash partner.

    • Episode 10 - Yippie Kayak

      Peralta, Boyle and Gina get involved in a real-life 'Die Hard' hostage situation while doing some shopping on Christmas Eve. Santiago attempts to prove she's just as tough as Captain Holt and Diaz.

    • Episode 11 - Hostage Situation

      Boyle and Genevieve want to take their relationship to a new level. Santiago asks Jeffords to write a letter of recommendation for her. Holt and Diaz enlist Gina's help with a difficult interrogation.

    • Episode 12 - 9 Days

      Captain Holt and Peralta contract mumps during an investigation, and decide to be quarantined together so they can use the time to solve the case. Jeffords has to clean up Hitchcock and Scully's mess.

    • Episode 13 - The Cruise

      Peralta and Santiago are excited to go on their first holiday together. Boyle and Diaz vie for the same apartment, while Gina and Jeffords help Captain Holt to survive a visit from his sister Debbie.

    • Episode 14 - Karen Peralta

      On his birthday, Peralta takes Santiago to meet his mother but an unexpected appearance by his father spoils his special day. Diaz and Boyle struggle with a new mandate on body cams during a stakeout.

    • Episode 15 - The 9-8

      The Nine-Nine play host to detectives from nearby precinct the Nine-Eight when their station house is flooded, reuniting Peralta with his old partner Stevie Schillens, but Boyle soon becomes jealous

    • Episode 16 - House Mouses

      When Peralta insults Hitchcock and Scully's work ethic at the precinct, they get involved in a dangerous investigation in an attempt to prove themselves. Holt and Boyle work on a celebrity case.

    • Episode 17 - Adrian Pimento

      The precinct gets a new detective who has just left a 12-year undercover assignment with the Mob. Boyle's latest mess lands everyone in trouble with the caretakers, and Gina directs a video for Holt.

    • Episode 18 - Cheddar

      Holt allows Santiago and Peralta to house-sit for him while he visits Kevin in Paris, but mayhem ensues when Holt's beloved dog goes missing on their watch. Pimento and Diaz have a romantic fling.

    • Episode 19 - Terry Kitties

      To prove to his old precinct that he's not a joke, Jeffords enlists Peralta's help to solve a case from his past. Pimento moves in with Boyle. Santiago attends a training exercise with Holt and Diaz.

    • Episode 20 - Paranoia

      Jeffords disapproves of Diaz's fast-moving relationship with Pimento. But the new couple's love has to be put on hold when Pimento comes to believe that someone from his past is trying to kill him.

    • Episode 21 - Maximum Security

      To get information on a criminal operation, Santiago has to go undercover at a women's prison and befriend one of the inmates. Captain Holt and the team plan a fake funeral to help catch a hitman.

    • Episode 22 - Bureau

      Pimento's life is still in peril, so Captain Holt calls on an old friend in the FBI to help identify the crooked agent who tried to have him killed. Santiago makes a breakthrough while undercover.

    • Episode 23 - Greg and Larry

      The officers at the precinct drop everything to intervene when they suspect that Captain Holt is in danger after their efforts to track down Adrian Pimento's hitman take an unexpected turn