Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos

    • Episode 1 - My Tattoo Hell: Part I

      Katie Piper meets people about to get serious tattoo work done on ther bodies and people who regret the ones they've already had done. Like Grant, who has an obscene tattoo on his eyelid.

    • Episode 2 - My Piercing Hell

      Katie Piper meets Croydon girl Emily, who has earlobes the size of coke cans, and Pete, who wants his tattoo tribute to pop star Pink - which looks more like Justin Bieber - removed

    • Episode 3 - My Tattoo Hell: Pt II

      Katie Piper heads to the party town of Magaluf, where thousands of holiday-makers often get tattoos that they come to regret

    • Episode 4 - My Big Boob Hell

      Katie Piper meets Nicola, who regrets having her boobs doubled in size. She also explores the new trends of 'titooing' and 3-D subdermal implants, and the damage that hair weaves can do.