Anime inspired by the film series. Los Angeles, 2032. A young woman with no memories must hunt down the people behind her brutal past to find the truth of her lost identity.


City of Angels: Elle enters LA, carrying only a locked data device that may hold the secrets of her past

21 mins

Episode 1

All We Are Not: After tracking down a familiar face, Elle uncovers a shocking truth about herself

22 mins

Episode 2

The Human Condition: With help from J, Elle learns more startling truths about the nature of her identity...

22 mins

Episode 3

The Doll Hunt: Elle's memories come flooding back, revealing the truth of what happened in the desert

22 mins

Episode 4

Pressure: As Elle plots her revenge, Grant mobilises the LAPD to find and eliminate her

22 mins

Episode 5

The Persistence of Memory: In her quest for revenge, Elle breaks into the home of her next target and takes a hostage

22 mins

Episode 6

Reality: Elle seeks to kill the last of the Doll Hunt participants

22 mins

Episode 7

The Davis Report: Davis lands in hot water while presenting her theory about Black Lotus to the department

22 mins

Episode 8

Free Will: The end of Elle's mission of revenge is in sight as she goes after her final target

22 mins

Episode 9

Clair de Lune: Elle struggles with not knowing which of her memories are real. J opens up about his past.

22 mins

Episode 10

All the Best Memories: A desperately lost Elle hatches a radical plan to put her haunted memories to rest

22 mins

Episode 11

Artificial Souls: J has a final encounter with his former colleague Marlowe

22 mins

Episode 12

Time to Die: Left with no other option, Elle faces off against the architect of her suffering

22 mins

Episode 13