Black Widow

    • Episode 1 - The Widow Runs Again

      Public Prosecutor Justine de Heer has a proposition for Carmen: her freedom in exchange for infiltrating the Mexican cartel. It's a deadly and dangerous gamble, but Carmen decides she has to be free.

    • Episode 2 - Double Murder

      The surprise and elation greeting Carmen's release is overshadowed by the disappearance of her son Boris. To keep her infiltration of the Mexican gang a secret, Carmen must come up with a cover story.

    • Episode 3 - Where Is My Son?

      El Almarillo, boss of the Mexican cartel, insists that Carmen must smuggle a small batch of cocaine into the country as a test. Carmen tells her family that she is working for the Justice Department.

    • Episode 4 - Desperate Search

      El Almarillo suspects that Carmen is a spy and gives her a second test, but Luther tips her off from prison. Carmen receives information about Boris's whereabouts, but will he still want to come home?

    • Episode 5 - Dangerous Encounter

      The Mexicans find proof that Carmen is an informer, but she opts to make a deal with them. Natalie reluctantly cooperates with her mother, but she too has a secret. Is everything really going to plan?

    • Episode 6 - Chaos in the Underworld

      Boris quickly makes a name for himself in the criminal underworld. The batch of cocaine Carmen needs for a deal with the Mexicans is stolen by an unknown party and she must get it back at all costs.

    • Episode 7 - Secrets Unravelled

      Because Carmen has lost the batch of cocaine, Luther is given to the Mexicans as security, and she has only 24 hours to get the consignment back. But when she shows up, a violent confrontation awaits.

    • Episode 8 - Driven to Madness

      The confrontation between the Mexican cartel and the rival gang has dramatic consequences. Aided by Luther and Storm, Carmen goes looking for Boris, and the trail leads to a seedy sex club in Belgium.

    • Episode 9 - Dark Family Ties

      Boris goes to a remote rehab center, but even in this isolated location he isn't safe. Carmen comes face to face with the man she considers to be her greatest enemy, but is she jumping to conclusions?

    • Episode 10 - Violent Outcome

      Public Prosecutor Justine de Heer wants to resolve her problems with Carmen as soon as possible and decides to set a trap for her. Can Carmen employ all of her talent for improvisation and escape?