Black Widow

    • Episode 1 - With a Vengence

      Carmen returns to the Netherlands and settles into an anonymous new life in a quiet town. But when DI Leeflang turns up and begs her to testify against her brother, it seems she can't escape her past.

    • Episode 2 - Back by Popular Demand

      When Luther turns up unannounced with a request from Andre for the family to bury the hatchet, Carmen faces a complicated choice between loyalty and justice. Andre agrees to have medical treatment.

    • Episode 3 - On the Fatalities List

      Carmen thinks she'll be able to continue her new life in safety, but when a suspicious man starts checking up on her at work, she calls on Luther for help. Irwan is blackmailed by his old rival Berry.

    • Episode 4 - Search for the Truth

      Luther and Carmen send a message to the people who are trying to end her life. Natalie announces she's leaving home to return to Amsterdam, where she gets herself a job in one of her uncle's ventures.

    • Episode 5 - Hard Times

      Hanneke goes into labour and begs Carmen to find Irwan. Suspecting that her brother is being held by Berry, Carmen goes on a dangerous mission to locate him. Irwan attempts to buy off his kidnappers.

    • Episode 6 - Who Is Next?

      Irwan's silence begins to worry Carmen. Hanneke reveals her suspicions to Leeflang, and soon the district attorney is encouraging a focus on Carmen in the investigation. Andre's health deteriorates.

    • Episode 7 - Right to Silence

      Carmen is arrested and the police put her into isolation in the hope that she will talk. Luther puts pressure on Natalie to return to the family, but it turns her towards something far more dangerous.

    • Episode 8 - Guardian Angel

      When her lawyer gets hold of a vital document, things look up for Carmen and she gets the chance to confront the figures who dragged her back into the dangerous underworld. Natalie's struggles worsen.

    • Episode 9 - Out of Control

      Luther is still detained over the hitman's death, so Carmen pursues crime lord Henk Ooms on her own, but things begin to unravel as she executes her plan. Can she come out on top of this brutal game?

    • Episode 10 - Deep Trouble

      Carmen is further than ever from gaining control over her father's assets and freeing herself from a dangerous, corrupt world. All hope seems lost until she makes a discovery that changes everything.