Black Widow

    • Episode 1 - The Beginning

      The illegal business concerns of Carmen's husband Frans impact on her children when her son finds a gun in his father's car. Frans admits he's lived in fear since a shoot-out over a drugs stash.

    • Episode 2 - Unpleasant Surprises

      Frans is in intensive care and Inspector Leeflang tells Carmen the police have been observing his hash-smuggling business. Steven gets a visit from a rival gang looking for their missing drug haul.

    • Episode 3 - Under Pressure

      Carmen's brother Irwan reveals he, Frans and Steven stole a drug stash from ruthless dealer Christian Schiller. Believing she's obliged to pay the debt, Carmen reluctantly agrees to run the business.

    • Episode 4 - Confrontations

      Carmen pays a visit to Schiller but he denies all knowledge of her blackmailer and asks for a favour: if she can re-open the transport route for a consignment of drugs, he will leave her family alone

    • Episode 5 - Mutual Distrust

      Carmen is forced to find a new contact at the harbour before the transport can go ahead. Andre is furious when he finds out about Schiller's stolen stash, but Irwan insists Frans was behind it all.

    • Episode 6 - No Going Back

      Carmen asks Schiller if they can postpone the transport but he has debts of his own to pay and refuses to delay, telling her he has kidnapped Natalie as insurance. Will Steven squeal to the police?

    • Episode 7 - At the Top of the Crime

      Carmen and her children agree to leave Amsterdam by faking a trip on the boat that Frans owned while secretly planning a dash to the airport. Memories about his father's murderer come back to Boris.

    • Episode 8 - The Moment of Truth

      Boris is able to tell his mother about the identity of his father's murderer, but Carmen doesn't know what to believe. Steven's wife reveals Frans was opposed to stealing the stash from the beginning.