Big Night Out

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      Episode 1 - Rave in the Rebel State

      Ukraine is a politically polarised nation divided by war. How has the country's party scene been affected by the deep-running conflicts of cultural identity?

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled44 mins
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      Episode 2 - Purgatory in Paradise

      Greece is a hub of hedonistic nightlife and the site of a refugee crisis. How do the tourists, the immigrants and the destitute locals coexist in this paradise of party islands?

      Strong language and adult contentThis episode is subtitled22 mins
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      Episode 3 - B*stards of the Bible Belt

      Hardcore provides an escape for young misfits from Holland's industrial ghost towns. But the Protestant Church is fighting back, making rave the new generational battleground.

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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      Episode 4 - Dancing on the Devil's Isle

      Ibiza is the undisputed Mediterranean Mecca for ravers. Clive Martin meets Carl Cox, Luciano and some of the other characters who keep partygoers returning to the island year after year.

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled22 mins
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      Episode 5 - Bolero of the Balkans

      Two beaches in Romania became home to two very different party cultures when the country opened its doors after the communist regime. But did the new-found freedom come at a cost?

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled23 mins
    • Episode 6 - Locked Off

      Armed with bolt cutters and knowledge of squatting laws, British youngsters are breaking into disused spaces to party hard at modern raves