Berlin Station

    • Episode 1 - Station to Station

      When the CIA's Berlin Station becomes the target of damaging intelligence leaks from a mysterious whistle-blower, newly appointed case officer Daniel Miller is sent to identify the culprit

    • Episode 2 - Lights Don't Run on Loyalty

      Steven, Robert and Valerie track the suspicious activities of a supposedly 'reformed' terrorist. Daniel reconnects with his old friend Hector, who may have a secret agenda of his own.

    • Episode 3 - Riverrun Dry

      When Berlin Station comes under scrutiny from Langley, Steven and Robert race to cover up a shared secret that could destroy their careers. Surveillance on Iosava reveals some surprising developments.

    • Episode 4 - By Way of Deception

      Daniel and Hector embark on a risky operation to get into a major newspaper's computer servers to trace the source of the leaks. Robert pushes Steven to pursue a new opportunity within the CIA.

    • Episode 5 - Unter Druck

      Daniel and German intelligence officer Esther Krug work to discredit the next leak before it happens. Valerie and Clare observe teenage girls with ties to the Iosavas. Robert gets a tempting proposal.

    • Episode 6 - Just Decisions

      Steven rushes to complete a risky operation related to Valerie's investigation into the Iosavas, but he puts Clare's life on the line and an unexpected development moves things from bad to worse

    • Episode 7 - Proof of Life

      The agents pick up the pieces after the Iosava operation. Daniel assists Hector in taking extreme measures to find Clare, Steven attempts to negotiate with Ruth, and Robert explores a different angle.

    • Episode 8 - False Negative

      Steven is in the shadows and Robert steps in as temporary chief. Hector finds himself in the hot seat, Valerie must share a hurtful secret, and Daniel inches closer to the truth about Thomas Shaw.

    • Episode 9 - Thomas Shaw

      Glimpses of Hector's past are revealed. Steven and his wife attempt to flee the country. Valerie's suspicions about Robert escalate, raising tensions between them as they dig up dirt on one another.

    • Series 1 Episode 10

      Hector takes a new approach to atonement. Meanwhile, Daniel and the rest of the Berlin Station team work together to uncover the truth behind Langley's involvement in the Iosava rendition.