Bake Off: The Professionals
Teams of professional pastry chefs do battle in the kitchen

The search for Britain's best patisserie team is on, as Liam Charles and Ellie Taylor welcome a fresh batch of pastry chefs

The Final: Whose best-of-British banquet will tower above the rest to make them champions?

Mon 8 Jul, 8pm | 47 mins

Peach Melbas and Fairy-Tale Scenes: Who'll be feeling peachy about their Melbas, and whose fairy-tale will come to an end?

Sun 7 Jul, 8pm | 47 mins

Caramel Desserts and Frozen Lollipops: The teams make caramel desserts and frozen lollipops. Who will crack under the pressure?

Tue 2 Jul, 8pm | 47 mins

Chocolate Bars and a Hanging Showpiece: Whose chocolate bars and suspended showpiece will have them hanging in the balance?

Mon 1 Jul, 8pm | 47 mins

Savoury Croissants, Maritozzi & Choux Towers: The teams make croissants, maritozzi and choux towers. Who'll be filled with high spirits?

Tue 25 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins

Sticky Toffee Puds & Haute Couture Showpieces: The teams make sticky toffee puds, charlotte à la russe and haute couture showpieces

Mon 24 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins

Trompe L'oeil Tarte Tatins: Six new teams take on the classic coffee éclair and create Trompe l'oeil showpieces

Tue 18 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins

Pain Suisse and Savoury Doughnuts: The teams make pain Suisse, savoury brioche doughnuts and a circus-themed choux showpiece

Mon 17 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins

Custard Tarts and Cotton Cheesecakes: The teams make custard tarts, cotton cheesecakes and structures adorned with exotic puds

Tue 11 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins

Tarte aux Fraise and Trompe L'oeil Showpieces: The bakers make individual tarte aux fraise and musical Trompe l'oeil showpieces

Mon 10 Jun, 8pm | 47 mins