Baby Daddy

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      After the shock of realising he is a father, Ben decides to raise baby Emma with help from his nearest and dearest, but it's not long before his over-bearing mother Bonnie tries to take control

    • Episode 2 - I Told You So

      Ben's priorities are not quite in order when he opts to go out on a date rather than stay at home with baby Emma, but once the evening is under way, all he can think about is his little girl

    • Episode 3 - The Nurse and the Curse

      When Ben and Tucker take baby Emma to her first doctor's appointment, Ben asks Cassie, a nurse at the surgery, out on a date. Danny has his first hockey game with the New York Rangers.

    • Episode 4 - Guys, Interrupted

      The guys appreciate Bonnie's help, but it becomes overwhelming when she starts turning up at the flat unexpectedly, and as she constantly jumps in to take care of Emma, Ben starts to feel left out

    • Episode 5 - Married to the Job

      When Ben hears that the bar needs a new manager, he enlists Riley's help to prove to the owner that he's responsible enough for the job, but his tactic of posing as a family man soon backfires

    • Episode 6 - Take Her Out of the Ballgame

      When Ben and Tucker's softball league team loses constantly, Riley steps in as team captain, but her competitive side soon comes out. Danny finds out that Bonnie is dating his hockey coach.

    • Episode 7 - May the Best Friend Win

      While out clubbing, Ben and Tucker meet a girl called Ava. They both return with her phone number, argue over who should call her and then agree not to ring her, but temptation soon gets in the way.

    • Episode 8 - The Daddy Whisperer

      Ben begs to join super-mum Izzy's parenting class, so she meets him for a tutorial to bring him up to speed. When baby Emma grabs some merchandise in a shop, Bonnie and Riley are held for shoplifting.

    • Episode 9 - A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing

      Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma's first Christmas photo, including his dad Ray, who has been keeping a secret from the family. Riley and Tucker find Danny's high-school journal.

    • Episode 10 - Something Borrowed, Something Ben

      Bridesmaid Riley organises a perfect wedding for her friends Katie and Dave but is horrified when Ben invites his wild high-school pal Gene to the event. On the wedding day, there's a shock in store.