US comedy about a young, free and single New York bartender whose life is turned upside down when his ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep


New York bartender Ben, his buddy Tucker and brother Danny get a shock when they come home to find a baby on their doorstep. Can Ben raise his infant daughter with the help of friends and family?

Pilot: Ben decides to raise baby Emma, but it's not long before his mother tries to take control

22 mins

Series 1 Episode 1

I Told You So: Ben opts to go on a date with an attractive woman rather than stay at home with baby Emma

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 2

The Nurse and the Curse: Ben takes Emma to her first doctor's appointment and asks a nurse at the surgery on a date

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 3

Guys, Interrupted: Ben and Danny take Emma over to Riley's flat, where they end up sabotaging her latest date

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 4

Married to the Job: Ben asks Riley to help him to prove that he's responsible enough for the bar manager job

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 5

Take Her Out of the Ballgame: Riley steps in as captain of Ben and Tucker's unsuccessful softball team

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 6

May the Best Friend Win: Ben and Tucker both meet the same woman at a club and argue about who should call her

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 7

The Daddy Whisperer: When baby Emma grabs some merchandise in a shop, Bonnie and Riley are held for shoplifting

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 8

A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing: Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma's first Christmas photo, including his dad

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 9

Something Borrowed, Something Ben: Bridesmaid Riley strives to organise a perfect wedding for her good friends Katie and Dave

21 mins

Series 1 Episode 10