Isolated and equipped with limited resources, ten lone survivalist experts endure the harsh conditions of the wilderness and its inhabitants. The last one standing wins a life-changing sum of money.


Contestants are faced with the coldest Alone location ever - the Canadian Arctic. With freezing temperatures and only five hours a day of sunlight, who can outlast the rest and claim the prize money?

Icebreaker: After being dropped just south of the Arctic, the ten survivalists are greeted by a storm

40 mins

Series 6 Episode 1

Tainted: As they close in on the one-week mark, the survivalists make some risky choices

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 2

Up in Flames: As some start to see their hard work paying off, one sees their success go up in flames

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 3

The Moose: The survivalists get serious about hunting before the wildlife disappears for the winter

42 mins

Series 6 Episode 4

The Kill: One participant's hunt for big game attracts unwanted attention from predators

42 mins

Series 6 Episode 5

Ablaze: Someone must defend themself from a predator, as another struggles to save their shelter

42 mins

Series 6 Episode 6

Night Raider: As winter closes in, the participants are threatened by predators stealing their food

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 7

Out Cold: Starvation begins to take effect on those left. How much longer can their bodies take it?

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 8

The Ice Cometh: As the weather gets even more brutal, the participants struggle to obtain basic resources

42 mins

Series 6 Episode 9

Thin Ice: The lake freezes, cutting off vital resources. One contestant hits their breaking point.

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 10

Fire and Ice: The final three continue the fight for $500,000. In the end, who will emerge victorious?

41 mins

Series 6 Episode 11