Ali G in Da USAiii

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    Episode 1

    Ali meets Buzz 'Lightyear' Aldrin and gets a taste of Police Academy. Borat goes speed dating and Bruno presents an in-depth fashion report.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled26 mins
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    Episode 2

    Ali meets 'Boutros Boutros Boutros-Gali' at the UN and talks war with former National Security Adviser General Brent Scowcroft. Borat sings the Kazakh national anthem (all of it) to a baseball crowd.

    Adult humourThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Episode 3

    Ali speaks to prominent Republican Newt Gingrich, Borat tries his hand at acting, and Austrian model Bruno meets top designer Marc Jacobs

    Some strong languageThis episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Episode 4

    Borat investigates spiritual healing and visits a gym. Ali meets main man of medicine C. Everett Koop, and Green Party leader Ralph Nader, and joins an anti-nuclear protest in the desert.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Episode 5

    In Hollywood Ali attempts to break into the world of TV, Borat learns the finer points of etiquette, and Bruno talks fashion in LA

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Episode 6

    Ali speaks to 'well important feminist' Naomi Wolf, Borat visits a rodeo, and Bruno is in the 'gayest part of America': Alabama

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled25 mins