Ackley Bridge

    • Series 3 Episode 6

      Rukhsana gets revenge on her controlling brother but is left to fend for herself when he walks out and the debt collectors come knocking

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      Series 3 Episode 5

      Cory is kicked out after being caught with his dad's girlfriend. Hoping for sympathy, Cory is stunned when Naveed is appalled. Mandy gives birth and feels overwhelmed.

      This episode is audio describedWith turbulent timesThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Series 3 Episode 4

      Sam and Nas are caught shoplifting, which causes a rift between them, but Sam's mum pushes her to get more involved with the Murgatroyds' criminal activities.

      This episode is audio describedCriminal actions, high emotions, humour, friendship and 'doing the right thing'This episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Series 3 Episode 3

      Kaneez is stunned when Rashid proposes. Mandy is keen to unite the two communities, but her article for a far-right newspaper backfires and things get violent.

      This episode is audio describedTensions run highThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Series 3 Episode 2

      Kaneez and Simone anxiously wait for news on Nas and Missy. Sam recruits her cousin to seek revenge, and as the reaction rapidly escalates, behaviour spirals out of control.

      This episode is audio describedEmotional scenes, rash actions, and racial tensionsThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Series 3 Episode 1

      Nas gets an interview for a place at Oxford uni, she and best mate Missy realise their lives are rapidly heading in different directions

      This episode is audio describedOutrageous behaviour and language, with shocks, heartbreak and a devastating climaxThis episode is subtitled47 mins