A Year to Fall in Love

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    Episode 1

    Freddy asks out his friend Jasmine. Sophie starts dating an older man. Nick plays the waiting game with a mystery woman. Xander makes a life-changing decision. Niki explores her attraction to women.

    This episode is audio describedStrong language, adult themes and partial nudityThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Episode 2

    Freddy's confused about Jasmine, but Xander's love life is looking brighter. Liam's struggling to find love on the Isle of Man, and Katie's hoping a change of scene will help her find Mr Right.

    Very strong languageThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Episode 3

    Ciaran can't decide whether to commit, whilst Niki makes an impulsive decision. Liam's met someone online, but there's a problem and Katie's got herself a man, though she's already having doubts.

    Strong language throughoutThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Episode 4

    Dannie's decided to give an old mate a chance on a 'mate date', and she's feeling the pressure. Liam's single again and on a date, a little white lie backfires.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Episode 5

    George has never been in love, and after pitching up drunk on a first date, things go downhill. Dannie's gone public with her romance, and she's hoping everyone will be onside.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled25 mins
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    Episode 6

    Joe has met someone the old-fashioned way and now faces a dilemma. Ciaran is settling into domestic bliss. Steve is navigating dating for the first time in 20 years.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Episode 7

    Dannie and David are facing their first big milestone. Liam is thinking about his future off the island. George is determined to try and behave on his latest date, and Joe makes a big decision.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled20 mins