A Dance to the Music of Time

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    Episode 1 - The Twenties

    The first film looks at the life of Kenneth Widmerpool, a much-teased boy at school who is to grow into a determined influence on his friends. Among these friends is Nicholas Jenkins.

    Adult content with strong language105 mins
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    Episode 2 - The Thirties

    Nick Jenkins and his friends are now thirtysomethings. Marriages are crumbling and youthful optimism is fading fast. Starring James Purefoy.

    Adult content102 mins
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    Episode 3 - The War

    It's World War II and Nick Jenkins is in the army, leaving his pregnant wife, Isobel, alone. Through connections, Kenneth Widmerpool rises to power and prestige.

    Adult content104 mins
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    Episode 4 - Post-War

    A decade has passed. Nick and his wife Isobel have moved to the country. Widmerpool has become a Labour MP and is dabbling in Eastern European politics.

    Adult content with strong language104 mins