3rd Rock from the Sun

    • Episode 1 - Brains and Eggs

      Harry and Sally get a cooking lesson from Mrs Dubcek, and Dick is taught about 'feelings' by his physics class, while Tommy suffers the agonies of puberty and longs to leave Earth

    • Episode 2 - Post-Nasal Dick

      When Tommy catches a cold from a fellow student, the other aliens also get sick for the first time, and become convinced that they're dying

    • Episode 3 - Dick's First Birthday

      When Dick realises that, in human terms, he is considered to be past his prime, he tries to look younger by dyeing his hair black and wearing unsuitable clothes

    • Episode 4 - Dick Is from Mars, Sally Is from Venus

      Dick gives Tommy an assignment to explore the nature of high school. On a quest to find out about sex, Sally goes on a date with a man called Brad.

    • Episode 5 - Dick, Smoker

      Sally complains that she never gets to make any big decisions. After he sees some of his students smoking, Dick is fascinated by the habit and soon becomes hooked on it.

    • Episode 6 - Green-Eyed Dick

      Harry finds a stray puppy and gets very attached to it. When Mary Albright's old friend Jeff Willis turns up, Dick feels jealous and starts to act in a competitive way.

    • Episode 7 - Lonely Dick

      Sally takes on the job of researching women's grooming and beauty secrets. When Mary Albright leaves town for a while, Dick is plagued by loneliness and breaks into her home.

    • Episode 8 - Body & Soul & Dick

      Dick faces the difficult task of delivering an honest eulogy at the funeral service for an irascible academic who was almost universally disliked

    • Episode 9 - Ab-Dick-Ted

      Mary Albright's brother Roy alarms the Solomons by telling them he has been abducted from a cornfield by an alien spacecraft, making Sally concerned that he is a security risk

    • Episode 10 - Truth or Dick

      When Mary Albright uses flattery to convince Dick to attend a faculty meeting in her place, he begins to learn that 'truth' can have many different degrees and nuances

    • Episode 11 - The Art of Dick

      Dick and Harry attend an art class where Mary Albright is studying painting, but when Harry discovers that he has real artistic talent, Dick becomes jealous

    • Episode 12 - Frozen Dick

      Dick convinces Mary Albright that he should accompany her to Chicago where she is to receive an anthropology award, but the journey goes badly awry

    • Episode 13 - Angry Dick

      The Solomons decide to make contact with their neighbours, the Mullers, but when the new friendship turns sour, Dick experiences anger for the first time

    • Episode 14 - The Dicks They Are a Changin'

      Mary Albright becomes convinced that Dick is an activist from the 1960s who has been on the run from the FBI for decades

    • Episode 15 - I Enjoy Being a Dick

      Sally and Harry get jobs in a pancake restaurant. Dick feels excluded when Nina and Mary Albright do some female bonding. Tommy and August have a heart-to-heart talk.

    • Episode 16 - Dick Like Me

      When Dick and Sally meet with Tommy's teacher Mr Randell, they learn that Tommy is having trouble fitting in with his classmates. Sally asks Harry to teach her to dance.

    • Episode 17 - Assault with a Deadly Dick

      The Solomons explore the issues of crime and justice when their car radio is stolen and Dick is mugged at a cash machine. Tommy joins the school basketball team.

    • Episode 18 - Father Knows Dick

      When Harry struggles to find his identity, Dick resolves to be a nurturing father figure, but his attempts to be honest with his 'new son' lead Harry to rebel

    • Episode 19 - Selfish Dick

      When Dick finds out that Mary Albright is getting a bigger, better office, he sabotages her good fortune. Tommy and Harry take Sally to hospital after an accident in the kitchen.

    • Episode 20 - See Dick Run

      The Solomons are worried when they discover that their boss, the Big Giant Head, is sending replacements to take over their mission