The landmark documentary series that captures real life drama at its most intense, following police detectives around the clock as they investigate major crimes


Bedfordshire Police investigate a possible break-in and a devastating high-speed car chase

First shown: Mon 28 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

Series 10 Episode 1

A 'cat and mouse' game begins as detectives track a prime suspect on the run

First shown: Mon 4 Jul 2022 | 47 mins

The Murder of Rikki Neave (Part 2/2)

The cold case of the brutal, unsolved murder of a six-year-old re-opens 27 years later

First shown: Mon 4 Jul 2022 | 47 mins

The Murder of Rikki Neave (Part 1/2)

Behind the scenes of an investigation into the brutal murder of a young man

First shown: Wed 15 Jan 2020 | 89 mins

Murder in the Woods (Feature-Length Version)

A blood-soaked man walks out of a hotel lift shouting that he's killed someone

First shown: Mon 5 Jun 2017 | 47 mins

Series 5 Episode 1: A Moment of Madness

A man dies after being punched; an unjustified assault or a tragic act of self-defence?

First shown: Thu 12 May 2016 | 47 mins

Series 4 Episode 4: One Punch

Bedfordshire Police are called to investigate banging from inside a refrigerated HGV lorry

First shown: Wed 20 Apr 2016 | 47 mins

Series 4 Episode 1: Human Cargo

Detectives investigate and interview a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder

First shown: Mon 29 Sep 2014 | 63 mins

Series 1 Episode 1: The Conspiracy to Murder