24 Hour Baby Hospital

    • Series 2 Episode 1

      Jade and Keith prepare to meet their third baby, while parenthood has taken almost 10 years of trying for Jing and Christy. In pre-natal, Sam and Liam count down the arrival of twins.

    • Series 2 Episode 2

      Expectant mum Kayleigh is hoping she will break the family tradition of always having c-section deliveries, and Zosia is determined to have as little intervention as possible for the birth of her baby

    • Series 2 Episode 3

      Sin Man hopes a radical op on her baby before it's born will reduce its risk of developing spina bifida. And teenagers Savannah and Brandon are getting ready to welcome their first baby.

    • Series 2 Episode 4

      Ciara and Mick come to terms with the news that one of their unborn twins will not survive after birth. Monique and Adriano from Brazil have to wait through the night for their first child to be born.

    • Series 2 Episode 5

      Sophie and Daryl don't know the sex of their unborn child but their choice of names confuses midwife Veronica. And opera singer Ioana is hoping the time spent at breastfeeding classes will help.

    • Series 2 Episode 6

      After a romance sparked in the supermarket they worked in, Jessica and Sean come in for the birth of their first baby. Also awaiting their newborn are Kristina and Rafael who met on New Year's Eve.

    • Series 2 Episode 7

      Mum-of-four Ellie discovers that her baby requires a blood transfusion while still in the womb. Emma and Martin return for a check-up with their baby Nathan who was born at just 25 weeks' gestation.

    • Series 2 Episode 8

      Kate's first pregnancy resulted in the premature delivery of her baby and a lengthy stay in the neonatal ICU. Will her second pregnancy make it to full term?