2 Broke Girls

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      Two waitresses from different ends of the social spectrum meet while working in a Brooklyn restaurant and plan to start a business

    • Episode 2 - And the Break-Up Scene

      Caroline thinks she's doing Max a favour by ending her relationship with Robbie for her, but Max is upset that Caroline has stolen her thunder

    • Episode 3 - And Strokes of Goodwill

      Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping, but events take a dangerous turn when a battle erupts over a T-shirt

    • Episode 4 - And the Rich People Problems

      Max agrees to help Caroline break into the luxury townhouse where she used to live in order to retrieve her dental night guard

    • Episode 5 - And the 90s Horse Party

      Caroline and Max throw a 1990s-themed party at the diner to attract the rich, fashionable crowd and raise some money for their cupcake business

    • Episode 6 - And the Disappearing Bed

      Sick of sleeping on the sofa in Max's flat, Caroline buys a kit for a Murphy bed, which folds into the wall, and attempts to build it herself

    • Episode 7 - And the Pretty Problem

      Max and Caroline try to sell their cupcakes to a fashionable Brooklyn coffee shop, but are rejected because the cakes aren't pretty enough

    • Episode 8 - And Hoarder Culture

      Caroline and Max find themselves waist-deep in clutter when they agree to sort out a hoarder's junk-filled flat in an effort to earn extra money

    • Episode 9 - And the Really Petty Cash

      Caroline and Max think their cupcake business is taking off when they get a job catering for an art show at a gallery featuring Johnny's work

    • Episode 10 - And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving

      To boost their Christmas spending power, Max and Caroline get seasonal work as elves in the local department store's Santaland

    • Episode 11 - And the Reality Check

      As the winter weather grows colder, Max becomes convinced that it's time to find a more suitable home for Caroline's pet horse, Chestnut

    • Episode 12 - And the Pop-Up Sale

      Needing to raise some money in a hurry when Max's oven breaks down, Caroline tries to return some expensive jewellery to a smart department store

    • Episode 13 - And the Secret Ingredient

      Caroline develops an obsession with couponing, in the course of which she inadvertently discovers the secret ingredient in Max's cupcakes

    • Episode 14 - And the Upstairs Neighbor

      When the tenant in the flat upstairs dies, Caroline is shocked to hear Max has never made friends with any of the other people in the building

    • Episode 15 - And the Blind Spot

      Sophie asks Max and Caroline to join her cleaning company, but before they are allowed to work for one of her clients, she tests their abilities

    • Episode 16 - And the Broken Hearts

      Earl has a minor heart attack on Valentine's Day after seeing Sophie dressed up to the nines, so Max and Caroline rush him to hospital

    • Episode 17 - And the Kosher Cupcakes

      During a visit to a chemist in an orthodox Jewish neighbourhood, Caroline and Max are hired to bake 80 kosher cupcakes for a Bar Mitzvah party

    • Episode 18 - And the One-Night Stands

      On her birthday, Caroline decides to have a one-night stand with the guy she has hired to design the website for the cupcake business

    • Episode 19 - And the Spring Break

      Two customers from the restaurant ask Max and Caroline to look after their dogs at their luxury flat for a couple of days while they're out of town

    • Episode 20 - And the Drug Money

      Caroline allows Max to persuade her to take part in a clinical trial for an experimental new drug, but there are some unfortunate side effects

    • Episode 21 - And the Messy Purse Smackdown

      When the duo get their first payment by cheque for the cupcake business, Max is inspired to file her tax return - for the first time ever

    • Episode 22 - And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough

      Caroline commits to making a complicated order of buttercream cupcakes for a socialite friend of Peach's without asking Max first

    • Episode 23 - And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Part One

      When Caroline's father makes the headlines because of his prison transfer, the girls lose a valuable business opportunity

    • Episode 24 - And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Part Two

      The girls try to sneak into a lavish gala event so that they can show Martha Stewart their cupcakes