16 Kids and Counting

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    The Radfords

    It's a big year for the Radford family, the UK's biggest family living under one roof. Mum Sue is expecting her 16th baby while daughter Sophie is due to have her first baby the month before.

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  • The Radfords and the Salims

    How do Britain's biggest families make their finances stretch? The country's largest family under one roof - the Radfords - have 16 kids and have decided to get 11 of them christened.

  • The Sullivans and the Salims

    How do large families discipline and educate their many offspring? The show meets the Salims in Rochdale and the Sullivan family in Kent - who home-school many of their 11 kids.

  • The Lewises and the Sullivans

    How do the mums of large families keep on top of it all?

  • The Freers and the Lewises

    How do dads cope with a supersized family? In Bournemouth, Pete has 12 daughters and dreams of quality time with his wife, while Gary Freer has quit work to help care for his large brood.

  • The Allans and the Hanns

    The parents of two supersized broods struggle to decide when to jump off the baby making roller coaster. Amanda Allan thinks 11 is enough, but the Hanns are keen to expand their 12 strong brood.

  • The Radfords and Hanns

    Sibling rivalry threatens harmonious family life as the parents of two supersized broods make wedding plans