Producers Handbook

Acquired Material

The Code contains the following rules in relation to acquired material that is already the subject of a BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) certification.

  • No film refused classification by the BBFC may be broadcast unless it has subsequently been classified or the BBFC has confirmed it would not be rejected according to standards currently operating.
  • If the BBFC has classified a film subject to certain cuts, then no version of the film can be shown on television which includes that cut material unless: a) the BBFC has confirmed the material was only cut in order for the film to be classified at a lower category for example for younger viewers; or, b) the cuts were required in the past and the BBFC has confirmed that such cuts would no longer be required under current operating standards.
  • '18' Certificate films must never start before 9pm on Channel 4, More4, E4 or 4Seven. Even then, such films should comply with other provisions of the Code and may well only be suitable for a later transmission.
  • Films with a BBFC 'R18' certification cannot be broadcast on any television channel at any time.