Producers Handbook


Key Points

  • The reporting of elections and referendums must be duly impartial and facts must not be misrepresented.
  • Due weight must be given to coverage of parties and independent candidates depending on evidence of past electoral support and / or current support, and those with significant views or opinions during the election period.
  • When the election period begins will depend on the exact nature of the election but invariably ends with the close of the poll.
  • On polling day, discussion and analysis of election issues must finish when polling stations open.
  • During the election period, candidates in UK elections must not act as news presenters, interviewers or presenters of any type of programme. However, other appearances in non-political programmes planned or scheduled before the election or referendum period may go ahead.
  • From the start of the election period, if a candidate appears in a report about his/her constituency or electoral area, all other candidates should be offered the opportunity to take part. Constituency reports should also contain a list of all candidates standing in that constituency.
  • After an election has been called, politicians must not be allowed to make constituency points in any type of programme where no other candidate will have a similar opportunity.
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